Before the last of them perished in the wars against the goblinoids, the great arcanists among the refugees were able to identify a black glassy material found amid the rocks of the Isles as possessing a unique apotropaic power. This "godbone", as the goblinoids called it, had the power to scourge the Red Tide and force it back. Goblinoid legends claimed it was bone from the mighty corpse of the god Shakun who had spawned them and their servant tribes. The arcanists were doubtful of that, but there was no doubting its power against the tide.

Working the godbone has thus far resisted all efforts outside the goblinoid tribes. A very few powerful priestesses among their number know the secret of fashioning armor and weaponry of the mineral without losing its special virtue. Most commonly used in holy crusades against heretic tribes that adopt infernal patrons in place of Shakun, the equippage has always been rare even in goblinoid hands.

Part of this rarity comes from the relative fragility of godbone. When untreated, it is easily crumbled and is even flammable. Excess heat or open flame near the stone can set it alight, whereupon it burns vigorously and often with the emission of noxious fumes such as those that afflicted the unlucky villagers of Gebel Hur.

More than once, attempts have been made to capture a priestess capable of working the godbone. These attempts have inevitably ended in gory failure. Even the most hostile tribes will set aside their differences long enough to slaughter any outsider who dares seek to profane the bones of their god.

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