Godbarrow Mountains

The towering Godbarrow Mountains are the greatest range of peaks in all the Sunset Isles, with the exception of the Ingval range on the far northern isle of Aktau. Sacred to the goblinoid tribes, the Godbarrows are said to be the great tomb of their fallen god Shakun, a vast mound raised over his titanic corpse as a marker of his glory. The goblinoid tribes teem amid its crags and high vales, and no native or refugee settlement has ever dared try to hold any footing in these chill heights.

The goblinoid tribes who make their homes in the Godbarrows lead hard lives even by goblin standards, with little arable land and hardly more wild game in the mountain goats and sheep that dwell there. They often raid down into the great valley to the north that stands between the Godbarrows and the Northwall Range, or make probing attacks eastward towards Tien Lung or the farmlands north of the city. A few meager villages of other races crouch by the southern shore, living off of fish and a few hardscrabble fields. They often feel the lash of goblin raiders, though the wisest of the chieftains refrain from completely annihilating the interlopers. Goblinoids are terrible sailors, and the settlements bring in fish and sea products that the orcs could hardly get for themselves. Some villages exist as near slaves, paying brutally steep fees to their mountain overlords in exchange for their continued existence.

The Godbarrows are also notable for the surprisingly large amount of Godbone to be found in the range. While only goblinoid priestesses know the secret of working it into usable weaponry or armor, there's always some thaumaturge eager to have some for experimentation. Such thaumaturges tend to be significantly less interested in personally collecting it, so adventurers are often hired for these retrieval jobs. Pay is steep, as the local goblinoids are inclined to deal harshly with defilers. For goblinoids, this generally means that they'll neglect to kill the adventurers before they start eating them.

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