The dreaded orcs of the high mountains and the goblins of the forest and plains have plagued both natives and refugees for time out of mind. The goblinoids claim that they were first of all the peoples on the Sunset Isles, and all who came after are but interlopers fit only for destruction.

Fortunately for their enemies, the goblinoid tribes often prefer to war amongst themselves rather than unite against the other races. Should they be pressed too harshly by this new influx of outlanders, however, the risk remains that a warlord will rise with enough authority to weld them into a unified and consuming horde.

Within the past year, however, the goblinoid tribes of eastern Ektau have been beleagured by waves of Tidespawn generated by enigmatic blue crystals that have manifested around the isle. Some tribes have been completely transformed by the crystals, while others have avoided that fate through a fighting retreat through the mountains and forests. These refugee tribes have assaulted Xianese villages and towns with desperate vigor, trapped as they are between the monsters behind them and the humans ahead. Most of these tribes have eventually been ground down by the fighting, but not before turning much of eastern Ektau into a wasteland of ruined villages and burnt out market towns.

Goblinoid Topics:

  • Kinds, The multiple species counted among the goblinoid kinds.
  • Appearance, The dimorphism between male and female goblinoids.
  • Culture, Goblinoid culture and its obsession with purity.
  • Religion, The ancestor spirits and their grim demands.
  • Rules, Rules for goblinoid characters.
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