Goblinoid Rules

Full-blooded goblinoids are generally not available as player characters unless they are thralls. Most will be viewed with intense distrust by all other species, and will not be allowed anywhere near settlements unless they are in the charge of a trusted local as a well-behaved thrall. The basic dread and hatred of the goblinoid races is so intense in Xian and its tributary lands that none would ever consider allowing a goblinoid anywhere near their citizenry without some trusted citizen to stand surety for their "well-tamed" state.

Presently, half-orcs and orcs both use the "Half-orc" racial statistics and powers provided in the Players Handbook 2. Bugbears and half-bugbears use the writeup for "Goliaths"; goliaths per-se don't exist in Xian, but it's preferable for bugbears to have some sort of playtested framework to work from. Goblins and half-goblins that favor their goblinish side use the statistics for "Goblins" given in the racial writeups of the Monster Manual. Hobgoblins also use the "Hobgoblin" writeup in the Monster Manual. There are no 'half-hobgoblins'. Those half-goblins that favor their human side more can use human racial statistics.

Goblinoids mature at the same physical rate as humans, but die of old age between 50 and 60 in the unlikely case they survive that long.

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