Goblinoid Religion

Goblinoids are convinced that certain tribes among them are the fleshly descendents of Shakun, the fallen divinity whose remains form the "godbone" found within the rocks of the Sunset Isles. While other scholars may debate the correctness of this, none elect to do so in the goblinoids' presence. Each tribe is convinced that it is the true seed of Shakun and the rest are but slaves formed to serve them- if not now, then as soon as enough warriors are gathered.

Clergy of the goblinoid tribes are almost always female, and indeed, those few males who adopt the role are considered ritually and socially "female" in nature, often with the aid of witch-maker oil. Most are spirit shamans or druids, but others express their power as favored souls. Hobgoblins sometimes become clerics, favoring a disciplined, organized method even in faith. A very few emerge as holy warriors for Shakun, becoming paladins or crusaders through the force of their belief. These rare females are often the true chieftains of their tribes, mingling both divine authority and personal prowess.

The goblinoids believe that eventually, if the bloodlines are purified and great deeds are performed, Shakun will be reborn among them to lead them to deathless glory. Every now and then, a would-be Shakun declares his rebirth among the tribes, whipping them into a frenzy that inevitably ends with a massive slaughter of warring tribes. Such a Shakun has risen twice since the refugees arrived, and there is distinct fear that the next may convince his brethren to kill the interlopers first before settling any theological disputes.

It is not only Shakun that receives the worship of the goblin tribes. Local spirits, mighty ancestors, and any other convenient source of spiritual power is readily seized upon. Now and then pacts are made with darker beings, and the worship of Shakun is forced out by infernal influence. These devil-tribes rarely last long as their neighbors band together to cleanse the land of their heresy.

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