Goblinoid PCs

It's possible to play goblinoid PCs on Red Tide MUX, though a few special restrictions should be kept in mind when playing one.

First and most importantly, free goblinoids can expect to be killed on sight anywhere within Xianese lands- or indeed, in most any other non-goblinoid domain. A very few renegades and bandits are willing to deal with goblinoids, and a very small number of goblinoid tribes will engage in quiet dealings with human outcasts, but for almost all other circumstances the only possible outcome is violence. Every Xianese naturally assumes that any free goblin within spearcast distance wants nothing less than his liver on a stick.

Therefore, any PC goblinoid is going to need to be a thrall with an owner if he or she is to mingle in Xianese society. Goblinoid thralls in the city tend to be accepted on almost decent terms by the locals, as their place as thralls in society has the comfort of custom and familiarity about it. That, and the locals know that their owner will stand responsible for any bad behavior of theirs unless they can demonstrate that it was totally against the owner's orders. Adventuring PC goblinoids might make arrangements with another PC to belong to them, either practically or in name only, or they can choose to belong to some convenient offstage NPC.

The second thing to keep in mind is the deep-seated Xianese dread of spellcasting goblinoids, particularly goblinoid females. Xianese stories are full of tales of awful goblin witch-queens who hurl down lightning and curses on the heads of their enemies. Archmage Lammach himself, the savior of the refugee fleet, was killed in a magical duel with one such priestess. Any goblinoid with spellcasting abilities needs to keep them very quiet or risk being lynched by frightened townsmen. Even their owner's protestations are unlikely to save them, with the assumption being that their owner is under their nefarious power. If a goblinoid thrall manages to accomplish great deeds in support of Xian, or if their owner is a figure of great power him or herself, then it's possible that the public might be able to accept their powers. For less established sorts, however, a policy of strict concealment is necessary.

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