Goblinoid Kinds

Goblinoids are divided into four main varieties in the Sunset Isles. Similar monstrous humanoids such as kobolds and lizardmen can be found in the marshes and tunnels, but only these four kinds share the same general culture.

Orcs are mountain-dwellers among the goblinoid kinds, preferring to live among the high peaks and alpine valleys. They make their living through herding and slave agriculture, and are always attempting to augment their wealth through pillaging their weaker brethren.

Bugbears are hillfolk, shambling amid the foothills of the mountains and raiding with equal aplomb both their mountain neighbors and forest-dwelling brethren. Sheep and hill wheat provide what their spears might fail to acquire for them.

Hobgoblins are intermingled with the goblin tribes amid the forests and plains. Given to better organization than their wilder brethren, they provide the majority of warlords and battle chieftains of the goblinoid tribes. Even their mistrustful fellows will generally prefer a hobgoblin leader, simply because he can generally be trusted to concern himself more with winning than immediate loot. Hobgoblins do not breed true, instead being accidents of lineage that crop up occasionally among goblins.

Goblins scurry in the forests, plains, and swamps of the lowlands, trusting in thievery and hunting to feed them. Often led by a hobgoblin leader, goblins rarely risk the dangers of pitched warfare and instead prefer to fight with hit and run tactics and a cheerful willingness to retreat in the face of even moderate odds.

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