Goblinoid Appearance

Goblinoids are novel among many humanoid races in the extreme difference between male and female specimins of the kind. Whereas the males among the goblinoids are notable for their crudity and savageness of appearance, the females are often more comely to human standards than their own human kind. Goblinoid raiders often make a point of mocking the humans and their "ugly women", and fighting over females is almost as great a killer of young goblinoid males as are outside enemies.

Orcish females tend towards sinewy and muscular lines, with strong, finely-formed features. Like all goblinoids, skin colors range from albino hues to polished ebon to shades of green and red, and hair is even more varied in color than that of human females. Bugbear women are frankly amazonian in appearance, towering over most human males at as much as seven feet in height.

Goblin females average around three and a half feet in height and could perhaps be mistaken for exceptionally comely halflings at first glance- until the sharp teeth and pointed ears become clear. Hobgoblin females are as much as two feet taller and notably more buxom than most human females, trading the muscle of their orcish sisters for softer lines.

It's not unknown for human natives or refugees to carry off women as well as plunder during wars with goblinoid tribes, and as a consequence, some distinct portion of local thralls are either full or part-blooded goblinoids.

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