Game Rules

The following are a list of the basic policies and rules regarding activities on the MUX. It's important that every player read these, as it's expected they will know and abide by the rules.

Rule Topics:

  • Essentials, the rules that everyone needs to know.
  • Alts, the rules on multiple characters and what you're allowed to do with them.
  • Building policy and how to get your own permanent lodgings.
  • Death, and how we deal with it here.
  • Minimum Age, indicating the minimal ages acceptable for both players and characters.
  • PC Types, the two different kinds of PCs here- Adventuring PCs and Background PCs.
  • Player-run Plots, and how to submit them.
  • Tinysex, nookie policy for the MUX.
  • XP, dealing with distributing and rolling over experience points.
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