The Gadaal were a mountain folk of a rough and edgewise land far to the west of the Ninefold Celestial Empire. They were ever a meditative people, inclined more to thoughtfulness and star-watching than the wars common to their neighbors. This peacefulness was encouraged by the inhospitable land in which they dwelt, for few raiders had any interest in fighting up the narrow mountain passes to steal the belongings of a nation of stargazers. Occasional Gadaal traders brokered deals between the dwarves of the mountains and foreign merchants, but they made few things of their own, preferring to trade mountain goats and hill wheat for dwarven manufactures. Their nation was loosely organized at best, with the various mountain-provinces answering to the High Seer at the highest peak of the land. There was generally but little that required the High Seer's attention, and most Gadaal were content to seek their starry wisdom and the simple peace of home.

That ended with the Red Tide. While the Gadaal had little love of sailing, they were fortunate in that their nation lay closest to the Sunset Isles, and that Lammach, the savior of many of the Ninefold Celestial Empire, had sent back warning to the land of his birth. The few ships they were able to put out had an excellent chance of finding refuge there, and the sons and daughters of the Gadaal yet live in this hotter, lower land. They are marked by the polished ebon hues and curled black locks of their ancestors, with eyes ranging from dark browns to sky-blue. They have few special professions, though a few are said to preserve the venerable astrological lore of their forebears, and more of them claim as much in the markets as bazaar-diviners.

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