Power Flavoring and You

Xian is a melting pot of martial styles, magical traditions, and religious faiths that draw from every corner of the world that existed before the Tide. Elven sword sages keep company with Skandr berserkers, and stern Eirengarder warpriests of the Maker hold services alongside the robed shrine-monks of the Nine Immortals. The esoteric arcana of the Ninefold Celestial Empire is still taught in city academies, while in the hills and forests village hedge wizards show their apprentices how to whistle up game for the stewpot and put curses on troublesome village enemies. All of these traditions exist in an uneasy coexistence as they deal with the trials of their new home on Ektau.

Players are strongly encouraged to personalize their own particular sets of powers. Two characters may both have the class "Wizard" on their sheets and both have the Magic Missile at-will power, but there's no need for their powers to have the same look and feel about them. An Imperial arcanist may intone seven inauspicious syllables in a cadence that disrupts the chi of their target, causing them to crumble in on themselves. A hedge magician might snap a charred squirrel bone from his morning breakfast while uttering a curse, watching his victim's arms and legs splinter under the sympathetic effects of the magic. Both attacks do 2d4+Intelligence force damage to a target, both have a range of 20 squares, and both use Intelligence versus Reflex to hit, but that's as far as they need to share similarities.

For martial classes such as Fighter or Rogue, the same sort of reflavoring can be done. It's perfectly possible that a fighter's exploits are simply the consequence of his or her own prowess, but even the most natural and unmagical of exploits might be the product of a particular school of swordsmanship or the teachings of an ancient master. Perhaps as you acquire greater mastery of this teaching, your ordinary blows and parries become suffused with a supernal sort of power, and the greater exploits of your class become near-magical expressions of your sublime mastery of the killing arts.

The only firm guideline to keep in mind is that the reflavoring can't change the game-mechanical aspects of the power. It's perfectly allowable to take the Ghost Weapon Style feat as a scythe and then reflavor a paladin's Holy Smite ability as a necromantic reaping attack that harvests the life energy of the victim. The attack can look any way the wielder pleases, but it's still going to do Radiant damage and it'll still target the victim's AC. It's fine to have your weapon glow with spectral flame when you strike with a Sly Flourish, but you can't light anything on fire with it.

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