Fighters are one profession that the common man understands perfectly. Brave soldiers, reckless bandits, or roving pirates, they're all men and women who stab things repeatedly until their victims lie down. While they don't receive the respect in Xian that they might in Nordheim, common men don't fear to deal with them. While other sword-slinging professions may excel in unique talents and special knacks, the fighter is the consummate professional warrior. Other types of swordsmen may have flexibility enough to learn one set of tricks, but a fighter of the same degree of experience will oft as not have twice as many cards up his sleeve- and know just how to play them. Player-character Fighters are a cut above ordinary warriors in their training and dedication. Some are farm girls who decided that a life of kitchen work wasn't for them. Others are young recruits with a knack for the blade and the determination to use it. The barracks of Xian have been the breeding-ground for more than a few experienced fighters- occasionally literally, given the mixed-sex army the city fields.

Example Flavors:

Veteran Soldier
Tough, grizzled, and experienced in the brutal close combat endemic to the goblin-infested hinterlands of Ektau, the veteran soldier might be a relic of the Xianese army or an experienced mercenary from an band of Eirengarder condotierri. He's accustomed to fighting alongside comrades, and he knows how to hold the line against charging enemies and swarming goblins. He favors a shield and a spear, the better to fight in close order. He's experienced in repulsing an enemy charge with the boss of his shield, smashing back an onrushing attacker. (Tide of Iron at-will). An enemy line that dares charge him rapidly melts away as he exhibits superb control of his spear, felling a pair of enemies with precise, controlled thrusts in the time a shieldmate takes to down one. (Cleave at-will). When a comrade is hurt and needs to pull back, he can fill the gap and distract an enemy long enough to give room for a controlled retreat. (Covering Attack encounter power). And when the situation looks darkest, he can summon the grim determination necessary to hold the line to the last. (Comeback Strike daily).

Village Militiaman
Xian is a long way away from many villages, and not all of them are large or important enough to merit a detachment of the City Watch to guard their walls. Sometimes it's necessary for ordinary villagers to take up the spear and defend their lands from bandits, goblinoids, or overly-enthusiastic tax collectors. Village militiamen may not have the polish or coordination of hardened Xianese veterans, but they're often more capable of surviving when alone. Often outnumbered, they know how to make an axe do double duty on swarms of enemies. (Cleave at-will power). Goblins can be tough to hit in turn, and sometimes it's worth sacrificing some muscle to plant an axehead in some greenskin's chest. (Sure Strike at-will). There are times when a village man can end up facing something entirely beyond his ability to handle, and it's convenient to know how to cut a few tendons and get a head start on the chase. (Steel Serpent Strike per-encounter power). And there are other times when running isn't an option, and some monstrous thing has to be brought down before it slaughters the entire village. At those times, the experienced militiaman strikes carefully to open the beast to more grievous attacks. (Villain's Menance daily power).

Ghost Warrior
A "ghost warrior" is a combatant trained in one of the several arcane paths or mystical traditions that teach the manifestation of weaponry through sheer force of will. Through diligent meditation and practice of the forms, a ghost warrior can call up a spectral weapon as serviceable as any steel blade- and many can perform the same feat in conjuring ghostly armor. These warriors tend to be contemplative in character, more interested in refining their inner virtues than accomplishing great deeds of martial prowess. Circumstances often discourage their efforts at isolation, however. A ghost warrior's blade is inexorable, his control so perfect that even a blow that doesn't strike home exacts a price in blood. (Reaping Strike at-will power). There are times when these shadowy wounds are insufficient, and a true strike is needed. In such circumstances, they can trade the surety of minor injuries for a much better chance at severe ones. (Sure Strike at-will power). The agility of a ghost warrior is proverbial, as is their ability to carve a red path through ranks of enemies. (Passing Strike encounter power). Given the correct opening and the right situation, their spectral blades can drive into the very spirit of their enemies, wreaking gruesome injuries on body and soul. (Brutal Strike daily power).

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