Rule Essentials

You play here by staff's allowance. Either you have the common sense to realize what constitutes polite, amiable behavior- in which case you have no need of lengthy sets of rules- or else you do not understand what constitutes polite, amiable behavior- in which case it is suggested you find a different game now.There is no elaborate bill of rights here. There is no warranty expressed or implied. No money-back guarantee, either. Staff wants a large, populous game filled with reasonably happy players. No particular roleplaying agenda exists beyond "Make fun." That which makes fun is blessed. That which makes unfun is shunned. Avoid making unfun for staff and for your fellow players, and you will be left alone to have whatever manner of enjoyment you want here, within the expanse of theme allowed. Hack and slash? Wonderful. Turgid drama? We love it. All Bar RP, All The Time? Fine with us. Debauched nookie? Just keep it off the streets.

In brief, just don't be annoying.

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