The Eshkan Wastes were a vast expanse of rocky, sandy soil east of Eirengard, watered only by a few isolated oases and desert wells. Some few tribes were able to dwell even in this inhospitable land, but the constant warfare over control of the oases discouraged many from remaining. Those that went forth from the dun brown cities of the Eshkanti oft as not became merchants and traders, traveling far distances to bring the bounty of remote lands to the bazaars and marketplaces of the myriad nations. Even their hereditary Eirengarder enemies would give passage to Eshkanti merchants, and their cargo ships were a common sight in the ports of far land. The few Eshkanti who survived the Red Tide were those same merchants, setting sail with the Imperial fleet that found refuge in the Sunset Isles. Most brought their entire extended clans with them, and so a small but distinct Eshkanti presence remains in the city of Xian.

Eshkanti are noted for their dark bronze skin and straight, dark hair. Sharp features and brown eyes are common among them, and a few still affect the loose, flowing garb of their old homeland. Most have given up such traditions over the generations, but the majority still remain in the trading and mercantile pursuits that saved them so long ago.

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