The few elves in the Sunset Isles are scattered and isolated. Most are refugees from human lands caught up in the exodus that fled the Red Tide. A few are natives of local colonies planted centuries before. All are unable to contact their homeland, and many fear that it has fallen as the human lands have.

Elves in the Sunset Isle are an aloof people for the most part, but their sheer rarity often forces them to work with other races. So few as they are, they would be easily overcome by the sheer numbers of their enemies. With the new pressure for land and food there are many who would be pleased to take what they have.

Recently, the shattering of the blue Tide-crystals planted around Ektau has resulted in a subtle but inescapable change among the local elven population. The dissolution of the boundaries between worlds that has allowed the Hell Kings to send their emissaries to the Accursed has also had an unexpected effect upon the carefully-balanced natures of the elven people. They are no longer capable of maintaining their precarious equilibrium between memory and flesh, and more and more are beginning to fall to one side of the balance. No longer are elves one people, differing only by custom and creed- they are now of two kinds, the world-bound Immanent and the half-spectral True.

Elven Topics:

  • The Immanent, and their newfound connections to the material world.
  • The True, and their strange, half-real existence.
  • Homeland, The House of Peace, native land of the elves.
  • Natives, The current situation of the elves in the Isles.
  • Creeds, The several major philosophies of the elves.
  • Drift, A condition peculiar to elders among the elves.
  • Culture, Cultural traits of the elves.
  • Psychology, Noting the more common mental differences between elves and humans.
  • Physiology, Giving the usual physical traits of elves and the details of their meditation process.
  • Elven Heroes, and why there aren't more of them.
  • Rules, Rules for creating an elf character.
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