Elven Natives

Most elves presently in the Isles are of two kinds. The first are those colonists who came her centuries ago for the sake of exploration and solitude, and the second are those swept up in the Red Tide and the flood of refugees. While relations between the two are cordial, some strain exists between elves allied with human settlements and those seeking only the peace of their own villages.

Native elves tend to follow splinter Creeds of various kinds, usually in a somewhat desultory fashion. The pressure of ordinary life in the Isles leaves little time for too great a philosophizing, and most are tough, seasoned survivors with more interest in running a good trapline than making a syllogism. While some of their venerable lore has survived, much has been replaced by an interest in the native flora and fauna of the isles. Few as they are, most are loathe to engage in pitched warfare with their more numerous enemies.

Refugee elves are of much more varied kind. Everyone from polished elven diplomats to hairshirt ascetics was swept up in the general exodus. Those that survived tend to cleave tightly to their host culture, recognizing that their enemies draw no special distinction between round-eared and point-eared foes. Many more of the venerable elven mysteries are preserved among the refugees, but it can be difficult to unite them in a shared purpose. An elf of Xian may be courteous towards an elf of Nordheim, but neither forget that they are rivals.

The recent sundering of elvenkind into two disparate types is having a drastic effect on the local natives. Most humans are only partially aware of what the changes mean, and have difficulty telling the difference between an Immanent and a True- and when they find out, they rarely understand or care. The elven Creeds are generally holding steady under the change, though with time it is all but certain that the Immanent and the True will diverge to some extent. For the moment, most elves are holding tightly to their native Creeds as a source of comfort and stability amid this frightening change.

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