Elven Homeland

The House of Peace is a distant land, far to the west. All reports place it as roughly five hundred miles in length and half so much in width, dominated by high peaks and lush forests. It is ruled by a Conclave composed of the foremost proponents of the numerous elven Creeds, and while the will of the Conclave is unquestioned, it is also very rarely brought to bear amid its common and fractious disputes.

As befits its name, the House of Peace is generally a placid and calm land, with little violence between the Creeds. Occasionally, however, splinter Creeds form of such violent fanaticism that they must be put down by force. Those that are not wiped out by their neighbors have been known to flee the House, and a few are said to have ended up on the Sunset Isles. Their current survival is a matter for debate and bogey-stories.

No refugees have arrived straight from the House. While elves caught in other lands have made their way to the Isles, none can testify as to what has befallen their homeland. If the Red Tide has indeed consumed it, it has devoured it so completely that not a single soul remains to tell of its ruin.

None know whether the sundering of the elven spirit that has come to pass on Ektau has also extended to the House of Peace. It is possible that the effect has been contained to the Sunset Isles, and that the elven homeland remains untouched by the change, but with no traffic with anything beyond the Red Tide, it is impossible to know for certain.

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