The dwarves have dwelled in the Sunset Isles for time out of mind, digging deep within the high mountains and shunning most contact with the outside world. This reluctance to deal with outsiders is perhaps well-reasoned, given that the high mountains are home to numerous orc tribes. The new influx of refugees has recently forced the dwarven clans to take diplomatic steps towards the outside world for fear of being left isolated against united enemies.

Dwarven Topics:

  • Homeland, The homeland of the Sunset Isle dwarves.
  • Altgrimmr, The chief settlement on the southern isle of Ektau.
  • Natives, Differences between native and refugee dwarves.
  • Culture, Common Dwarvish cultural traits.
  • Religion, Dwarven religious beliefs.
  • Rules, Rules for creating a dwarvish character.
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