Dwarven Natives

Dwarven refugees come from all the myriad lands that the humans came from, the tag-ends and remnants of dwarven nations overwhelmed by the Red Tide. Some cherish the hope that their brethren fight on, holding out from their mountain fastnesses against the demons that batter their gates. Others have no such hope to cling to, having seen with their own eyes the destruction of their peoples.

Refugee dwarves are fanatically devoted to whatever remnant of their clan they managed to bring with them, and absolutely ruthless in protecting it against all others.
Those who came alone often devote their days to searching the Isles for any kindred who might have ended up separated. Few can bear to abandon the hope that family might have survived the cataclysm, and those that do rarely survive long after. Most find it preferable to die gloriously in battle than seek adoption into a different clan.

Native dwarves tend to be much calmer in temperament, wary of the outside world but not so consumed with concern for their kinfolk. Their pity for their bereaved fellows is plain, but the sheer scope of the disaster tends to make them uneasy in such company. A dwarf bereft of his family could end up doing anything, and care nothing for the consequences that follow.

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