Dwarven Homeland

The largest concentration of dwarves in the Sunset Isles is on the northern isle of Aktau, in the high reaches of the Ingval Mountains. Numerous dwarven clanholds orbit the great underground city of Angrimmr, the cultural capital of the native dwarves. Venerable legends speak of the dwarves coming to this place thousands of years ago after being defeated in a civil war far to the south, but the details of this exodus have been lost to time. Now and then a bold young dwarf will go seeking such ruined clanholds of the ancients as might have more of their past to find, but few of those explorers ever return.

Angrimmr is ruled by a High King elected from the dominant Deephelve clan by a council of clan elders. His rule is absolute in Aktau, but the southern island holds are known to take his will as advisory in nature when it proves prudent. His power to quell clan feuding is also somewhat limited, as the dictates of dwarven honor are considered above secular powers.

Southern island dwarves more often take their direction from Altgrimmr, the dwarven fortress-city on Ektau, the largest of the southwestern islands and the one they share with the humans of Xian. Altgrimmr was supposedly founded well before Angrimmr, but was abandoned early on due to relentless orc attacks. The city was only repopulated four hundred years ago by colonists from the north, and numerous despoiled clanholds are yet to be recovered by the "newly" returned dwarves.

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