The nature-priests known as "druids" often go by different titles in the Isles. "Sea-speakers", "Forest priests", "Earthtalkers", and other names are common depending on the druid's favored lands. They are rare in Xian, but some recognize the importance of the city and wish to have a hand in its doings, the better to protect the natural balance. Not all druids are enthusiastic about Xian, however. They recognize earlier than most the signs of overstressed fields and narrowing crops. Some work to improve the fertility of the fields, so as to put off the day when Xian must conquer new lands. Others do the opposite, the sooner to cull out the excess. In both cases, druids rarely are distinguished from clerics, spirit shamans or favored souls in Xian. As far as the laity is concerned, they're all spirit-servants.

Druids are particularly common among dwarven ancestor-priestesses and goblinoid shamanesses. The innate bond with the earth that they possess serves the dwarves well, and the goblinoids are too close to the wild places of the Isles to ignore the temptation of its power.

While druids lack the easy grasp of healing possessed by clerics and favored souls, they are better equipped to function in the wilderness that covers so much of the Sunset Isles, and they are still capable of summoning significant Divine healing energies if given time to prepare.

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