The dragonborn of the Sunset Isles are a new discovery, the product of a western pass newly opened into the heights of the Godbarrow mountains. Long encircled by invincible orcish hordes, protected only by the mystical wards of their temple-city, the dragonborn are now forced into the greater society of the Isles as their ancient defenses crumble and their old enemies are briefly scattered.

Dragonborn physiology, giving the physical peculiarities of this serpentine race.
Dragonborn history, and the origins of this scaled race.
Dragonborn culture, depicting the habits and traits common to the natives of the Throne.
Dragonborn religion, and their old loyalties to their mother-goddess.

Dragonborn use the same rules for character generation, abilities, and racial feats as are given in the 4th edition Player's Handbook.

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