Standard Actions Description
Basic Attack Make a basic melee or ranged attack.
Charge Move and then make a basic attack or bull rush.
Bull Rush Push a target 1 square and then move into that space.
Aid Another's Attack Pick a melee target and roll to hit AC 10. If you hit, give one ally +2 to hit that target on next attack.
Aid Another's Defense Pick a melee target and roll to hit AC 10. If you hit, give one ally +2 to all defenses against that target's next attack.
Aid Another's Skill/Ability Check Roll that skill or ability against DC 10. If successful, give an adjacent ally +2 on that check's next roll.
Grab Roll Str vs. Reflex to hit the target with a free hand. If hit, they're immobilized. Sustain the grab as a minor action.
Coup de Grace Roll to make an automatic critical hit against a helpless opponent. If damage done equals their Bloodied number, they die.
Administer a Potion Feed a potion to an unconscious or helpless ally.
Equip or Stow Shield Sling or ready a shield on your free arm.
Second Wind Spend a healing surge and gain +2 to all your defenses until the start of your next turn.
Ready an Action Choose an action, a target, and a trigger. You do that action as soon as the target does the trigger.
Move Actions Description
Walk Move your speed. As with all movement, difficult terrain costs double.
Run Move your speed plus 2. Grant combat advantage to enemies until the start of your next turn.
Shift Move 1 square without provoking opportunity attacks. Only Elves can shift into difficult terrain.
Crawl While prone, move up to half your speed.
Squeeze Reduce your space by 1 as you scrunch up. Move up to half your speed. Grant combat advantage to enemies until your next turn starts.
Stand up Stand up from prone. This does not provoke an opportunity attack.
Escape Roll Athletics vs. enemy Fortitude or Acrobatics vs. enemy Reflex. If you win, you escape the grab and shift one square.
Minor Actions Description
Draw or sheath a weapon This action is free with Quick Draw.
Retrieve or stow item Put something into your pouch/pack, or fish it out to use.
Drink a potion Consume a healing potion or other elixir.
Drop prone Fall prone in your current square.
Open or close container Yank open a door or container or shove it shut against unwanted visitors.
Pick up an item Pick up something unattended.
Load a crossbow Most crossbows require a minor action to load.
Free Actions Description
Switching hands on a versatile weapon When using a versatile weapon, you can treat it as two-handed or one-handed as is convenient and as you have a free hand.
Drop items You can drop what you hold as a free action.
Talk You can say a few sentences or quip some heroic bon mot without penalty.
Spend an action point You can spend an action point to get a free standard action. You can spend only one action point per encounter.
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