Death is less permanent on a D20 MUX than in some other settings. A thousand golden koku is wealth beyond any commoner's imaginings, but it's often no more than a stiff fee to experienced adventurers, and that's all that it requires to hire a priest to perform a ritual of raising the dead. There are several priests in Xian powerful enough to cast such a spell, and while none are so mighty as to be able to invoke more powerful restorative magics, there are persistent rumors of hermit-sages who can call back the dead with nothing more than a name to go on. While permission from the Mandarin is necessary to perform the ritual, and it requires that the subject be yet tied to the world (see the game Cosmology), it is assumed adventurer PCs qualify on both counts unless there's a good reason they've incurred the Mandarin's wrath.

That being the case, all characters in staff plots run the risk of death if the dice should roll that way. Player-run plots may or may not involve the risk of death, as the DM decides. This decision should be made before the plot begins, so that players reluctant to run the risk can withdraw. Background PCs should always be given the opportunity to flee from danger, though those that remain can basically die at the DM's whim should they not run. If a PC does die and cannot be raised, or if the player retires the PC or otherwise chooses not to be raised, then they can make a new PC of one level lower than the dead one, with wealth and belongings appropriate to a PC of that level.

The cost of dying in cash is significant, so there will likely be cases wherein an expired adventurer feels the DM did not fairly or correctly adjudicate his death. These complaints will not generally be entertained unless the staffer feels that the mistake was extremely large or spiteful on the DM's part.

Player-versus-player deaths are possible here, but attempts on another PC's life require staff approval beforehand. Insults and petty behavior will not be enough to justify it, nor will claiming a PC's natural violent temper, nor will ostensible racial/class/religious hate do it. A PC must do something extremely and intentionally hostile before PC death attempts are approved.

In brief, PCs can die here. If you don't want to die, don't go on staff plots or death-OK player run plots, and don't give another PC any reason to kill you that staff would consider justifiable. If you do die, don't expect the death to be retconned unless the DM was really terribly mistaken or obviously out to get you. Do expect, however, that you will be able to be raised if you have the money and the opportunity.

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