Most casual observers can tell no difference between a crusader and a paladin, and would be unlikely to care if they did. But whereas a paladin's skill is the product of divine blessing mixed with martial ardor, the crusader's powers come from within. They may fight for a god or philosophy, but their divine blessings are a product of their own training and discipline. This degree of inner focus costs them time and effort to maintain, and they lack the spellcasting and undead-fighting talents of a paladin. They make up for this with the remarkable strength of their divine blessings, and the unique powers of protection and guardianship they can call upon. Crusaders are notorious for the amount of physical punishment and the host of terrible injuries they can withstand before they go down.

Dwarves are not uncommonly crusaders, mingling their martial discipline with their devotion to the ancestors. In like fashion, goblinoid crusaders are also not unknown. Elves sometimes follow a Creed which encourages this degree of absorption. Humans are not so common in the role, but a few talented warriors find a cause moving enough to blend their ardor with their skill.

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