"Classes" are ways of describing your character's particular adventuring talents. While Background PCs don't need to worry about classes, Adventuring PCs each have one to indicate their particular training and expertise.

These classes describe the particular game-mechanical feats and abilities a given character may have. They do not presume the particular flavor or style of that character's use of their powers. Two Warlocks might have completely different styles of invoking their abilities, even though both of them are using the Eyebite power. One character built with the Rogue class might be a dirty-fighting street brawler who always seems to be able to get a knife into something with Piercing Strike while another Rogue might be a meditative mystic, so perfectly in tune with their weapon that it simply refuses to acknowledge the existence of an opponent's armor- also by using Piercing Strike. Each class description included below gives some example flavors for the abilities of the class.

Check out the Flavoring Guide for some ideas and methods for choosing an interesting style for your character's abilities.


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