The Cold Heart of Heaven

Age: 23
Height: 5'11-3/4"
Sex: Male
Alias: Xayar
Languages: Human Dialects
Quote: I hear the song of the Heavens; I see the flickerings of fate coming to pass; and yet only the stars see all.


Known within Xian as remarkably taciturn, this man makes no secret of his Eshkanti heritage. Nor the fact that he is involved in trading goods from the other isles. Equally at home on land or sea, he is frequently seen calling down the chilled powers of the stars to aid him in his battles.


A hairs bredth shy of six feet, the darkly handsome man has short, slicked back hair that is neatly trimmed at the back of his neck. Never having a hair out of place, it matches the bronze tint to his skin. The shell shaped ears that are revealed come outwards barely over a centimeter from his scalp. A high and broad forehead over straight, yet thick eyebrows is the upper container of slightly recessed eyes. Almond shaped and clear, the irises are a rich chocolate colour around the pupil. With long black lashes, they are divided by a smooth and straight aquiline nose. A set of lips, expressive and easy to smile, or to frown, are of a slightly darker hue. With high cheekbones, flat planes for his cheeks and a strong jaw leading to a well defined chin, his features could only be described as masculine.

Average sized shoulders are garbed in the rich silks that enable the flowing garments of the Eshkanti, a bold red overmantle which reaches down to his wrists, the hems embroided with gold runes, revealing long, tapering fingers and neatly trimmed nails. With the torso section of the mantle reaching down to mid thigh, it is possible to see the thin 'V' of finely worked interlinked metal chains, over silky black leather. Belted around his waist is a black silken belt with a single symbol directly over his stomach, upon his hip is a careful hook which is used to hold his heavy rod, a thick twisted bar of black metal with pitted spots of dark red rust interwoven with dark symbols of power, prior to leading into a pair of volumnious silk pants in dark green, their bottom hem being worked with lighter green flames, with a long stride it is possibly to see the tip of a pair of polished black leather shoes.

Character Sheet

Race: Human Class: Warlock Pact: Star
Level: 5 AC: 17 HP: 46
Fortitude: 17 Reflex: 18 Will: 20
Move: 6 Initiative: +3 Surges: 8 [11]
Perception: +2 Insight: +7 Bloodied: 20

Eldritch Blast: Ranged 10 * At-will
Attack: Cha [+7] vs Reflex | 1d10 + 5
Dire Radiance: Ranged 10 * At-will
Attack: Con [+5] vs Fortitude | 1d6 + 4 radiant damage. If the target moves nearer to Xayar on its next turn, it takes an extra 1d6 + 4 damage.
Eyebite: Ranged 10 * At-will
Attack: Cha [+7] vs Will | 1d6 + 5 psychic damage, and Xayar is invisible to the target until the start of his next turn.
Dreadful Word: Ranged 5 * Encounter
Attack: Cha [+7] vs Will | 2d8 + 5 psychic damage, and the target takes a -3 penalty to Will defense until the end of Xayar's next turn.
Fiery Bolt: Ranged 10 * Encounter
Attack: Con [+5] vs Reflex | 3d6 + 4 modifier fire damage, and creatures adjacent to the target take 1d6 + 4 fire damage.
Crown of Stars: Ranged 10 * Daily
Attack: Cha [+7] vs Reflex | 2d12 + 6 radiant damage. If target is bloodied, it is blinded until the end of Xayar's next turn.
Sustain Minor: Make a Cha [+7] vs. Will attack against any target in range. On a hit, deal radiant damage equal to +4.
Hunger of Hadar Area Burst 1 within 10 squares * Daily
Effect: The burst creates a zone of darkness until the end of Xayars' next turn, blocking line of sight. Creatures that enter the zone or start their turns there take 2d10 necrotic damage.
Sustain Minor: When Xayar sustains the power, he makes a secondary attack.
Secondary Target: Each creature within the zone.
Secondary Attack: Constitution Vs Fortitude
Hit: 1d6+2 necrotic damage.

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