Class: Warlock

Sex: Female

Race: Accursed

Deity: Drowned Star

Info: Teruku Feng was a simple scribe when the crystal was destroyed and she got turned into an accursed and life has never been the same. Though she speaks little of what happened that day its clear the girl did something that made her guilty and somehow she got a hand on the library of the man who was apprenticing her. Since that day the once shy and mousy academic has found herself possessing a mean streak a mile wide. Though she is still used to being shy, when she is in battle she is willful, cruel and sadistic. Recently she has taken up with Atmeh and the Temple of the Drowned Star. Though nobody knows what she does there yet its clear she is determined to stay. Perhaps over time the timid but cruel accursed can learn to cope with herself.

Features: This picture is pretty much how I want her to look with few exceptions. For one her skin is violet and lined with blue lines. Her lips are white and her eyes are all black. In addition she is missing her tail and horns. Aside from that however this is pretty much how I envision her looking.

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