Class: Warlord

Sex: Female

Race: Halfling

Patron Deity: Belm

Info: Teelie Yoshiko is a veteran of the Xianese Army and formerly a decorated sergeant before she lost her unit in an ambush. The 30 year old Halfling has come out of retirement, despite her past injuries, and is once again lending her wit, courage and skill with a sword to the cities adventuring guild. Teelie has a reputation for brashness and for more honesty then is needed. She also is well known as a drunkard, a notorious hedonist, and a incorrigible flirt. However when the worst comes to worst she is a steady and bold presence on the battlefield who is known for both her courage, her reckless but brilliant tactics and also the care she takes of those under her charge. She is known for her distinctive rural accent, her eye patch and the slight limp she has which she uses a cane to help ease the pain. Teelie is also a regular at the bar and her repertoire of witty and dirty songs is well known.

Tactical Reppitoire (Or a IC description of her powers)

Flamebrow Gambit: (Brash Attack)
A move made famous by the Dragonborn general Flamebrow, a leader known for his tactical brilliance and reckless bravery. Teelie throws a clumsy attack which while it opens her up to a parry and counter attack, forces the enemy to throw his back to one of her allies and places him off balance. This allows her to create an opening for someone to get a clear shot of him.

Cappa Ferra Maneuver: (Wolf Pack Tactics)
One of the classic military maneuvers, the combatant makes a flashy and distracting attack while telegraphing his intentions to one of his allies. By timing it just right the commander can give his friend an opportunity to make a dash for more opportune location in time with the assault.

Jihan's Defence: (Bastion of Defence)
Another classic move of the battlefield, a commander uses Jihan's Defence when they need to buy time for their allies. By making a swift and decisive assault on the enemy timed together with a near constant pounding of ones shield against their enemies weapon, one can get a good deep strike on their enemy and the constant pounding noise will both rattle the enemy and inspire your own troops to work together to the cadence of the beat. The strikes with the shield do not need to go on for long or even do damage in order to keep the flow of the battle in the favor of the commander.

Lein Bo's 3 Swan Dance: (Staggering Spin)
This far more complicated maneuver is described in Lein Bo's Craft of Battle. However it takes practice and hard work to actually pull it off. Telegraphing your intentions to your allies, the commander crouches down and then puts their weight into a graceful turn, pushing their sword forward with their shield hand as they jumps into the spin. The combined force of both items hitting at once can throw the enemy off guard into the waiting strikes of the warlord's allies.

Flamebrow's Fist: (Luring Focus)
Another tactic penned by the Dragonborn legend in his journals. Using ones body as leverage the commander charges forward and takes up a zig zag sort of pattern that confuses the enemy. Though keeping their forward movement, the charge can look like confused running and can trick an opponent into following you in an attempt to catch you off guard. By moving correctly you can conserve your movement and get a powerful hit on your enemy while luring another foe right into your range.

The Yoshiko Boot: (Flattening Charge)
An original maneuver invented by Teelie, the halfling girl will charge forward towards her enemy, building up speed and shouting before right before she gets there she will jump up in the air and make a slash with her sword. If it works then her sword slashes just seconds before her feet hit. This cuts the enemy and knocks them to the ground. However if it fails then the halfling has to catch herself on the ground or risk ending up on her own bottom.

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