Class: Fighter level 7

HP: 66
AC: 22
Strength: 18 For: 19
Dexterity: 14 Ref: 15
Constitution: 15 Will:15
Intelligence: 10 Surges: 11
Wisdom: 14 Surge healing: 15 +1
Charisma: 10

Skills: Trained in Athletics, Endurance and Intimidation

Armor Prof: all
Weapon Prof./All but Superior
Weapon Prof./Fullblade
Weapon Talent/Two Handed
Power Attack
Enlarged Dragonbreath

Sex: Female Dragonborn
Dragonborn Breath Weapon/Lightning
+1 to hit when Bloodied
Combat Superiority
Combat Challenge

Armor of Durability +1
Lightning Fullblade +1
+1 cloak of resistance
+2 javelin of distance
Belt of vigor
Boots of free movement
Giantkind gloves
Helm of opportunity
Iron armbands of power
Ruby scabbard
Tattoo of vengeance


Talazia Darkstarr, one of the hearalded Dragonborn warriors from the Godbarrow Valley, is currently in Xian due to her Matriarch's spoken missive to investigate the destruction of the protective shards. When she was hatched, she was one of the ones gifted enough to wield a blade with enough skill to fell her enemies while withstanding enough pain to make her enemy's attack difficult to fell her. Not only does she fight with skill…..he has a code of honor that she follows….almost rivaling a Paladin in that honor. She looks after her comrades in battle…..even stepping to the front of a battle so they may get into position better. Those few people that she calls 'friends'……..she defends with her life.

What she has found outside of the valley, has been so appalling, she can see why her Matriarch has kept the Dragonborn race from the other races in the area. Devoid of honor and willing to sacrifice their own kind for comfort and wealth instead of facing the tide and stopping it before it becomes a problem.

Thus far, she has been seen in the company of a Dwarven Cleric named Thromgrin, a Human Rogue named Jiao, a Fiery mage named Pruor, a Wizard named Kemala and an Accursed Paladin named Ma Rui Dao. Out of that number, she considers Thromgrin and Kemala her friends. Of course, during her life, those names may be added to. She has also fought alongside of a Paladin named Avita and a Gnome Swordmage named Goldtank.

Lately, she has teamed up with an accursed Warlord named Gwendolyn. Since the disappearance of Kyralia and the eventual disbanding of the Hammers of Righteousness, based in Rhine's edge, Talazia has done her best to work with people that is willing to help the non-daifu people of Xian and the lower class people in Xian. She doesn't tolerate disrespect of anyone, except for maybe Daifu's who, consequently, can't get off their fat butts to do things themselves.

In her adventures, she has fought against goblins, Hobgoblins, undead and even the tidespawn itself. She does not back down from a fight if she can help it and often heads to the front of the battle line, often taking on enemies with the skill and grace of a predator. Outside of battle, she's very friendly and intelligent, though she doesn't know more than the common language and Draconic. Those who approach her shall find she's rather pleasent, until either she is offended, or a fight breaks out. Those who know her shall notice that she will try to keep her friends out of danger and try not to draw a weapon, rather keeping the battle to a non-lethal level. However, once a weapon is drawn…..to her….you get what you deserve.

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