Class: Ninja( brutish scroundrel)rogue, level 4 alignment 'Evil'
Class Info: Fortitude..17 Base Reflex…..20 Base Will…….15

Sex: Male


  1. Background=Takeda Tatsuhama is otherwise known as the 'Black Lotus' the son of former evil monks, who became a family of ninjas, and being one of the few families who are descendants, with pure Kueh blood in their veins. Role playing the fact that his family serves the Mandarin throne by doing small missions of espionage for small noble families, when not doing that looking for fights in the Xian or outlaying islands to watch and learn against the weakest and stronger foes to better his skills and call himself the best fighter in the world(akuma).As of yet, due too him being young, and of low rank, most of the petty missions he has recieved haven't been of any status, but since he is allowed some freedom, he has been asked to gather information, and watch groups of powerful adventurers, by doing just that. It would seem their is concern of other families, doing the same, to train, recruit stronger members.Takeda's then uses his name and the fact that he is who he says he is to gain favors from those that serve his family or fear his name or the secret name of his family'the 'Black Hand Ninjas'. Those that dont fear them meet the same fate as any who oppose them. Since everyone who faces them dies,no one knows his real name or what he looks like. After a fight they are only left with his calling card (which is a black lotus flower, at the same time using gather information he spread rumors about himself to establish street credit). each one of the ninjas are known for something related to an object or methodlogy.
  2. Skillset=Like most of those on the shadowy side, Takeda specializes in stealth, streetwise, thievery, acrobatics, dungeoneering, athletics, all linked to his ninja style. Works often times as a merchant, handling business transactions, watching and observing other adventurers, even some of their missions, when possible. Known for being no-nonsense, very cold, detached demeanor, neither friendly or unfriendly, always about business. As one of the 'Black Hand', they are often the stories heard around the city of assassinations, kidnappings, brutal beatings, merchants not wanting to say their name openly.. Anyone opposing them has been visited in someway or form, nothing is beyond their approach, especially Takeda.
  3. Despite being a Ninja, Takeda believes in the fate of Xian, though he wishes it returned to its former glory, with someone of Kueh bloodline running the kingdom
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