The Eternal Windmill

Name: Sandrine
Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Class: Fighter
Sex: Female
Alts: Ausra


Born and raised in one of the many farming communities dotting the landscape of Xian, Sandrine grew up hearing stories of how the soldiers protected the land. As soon as she was old enough, she made her way to Xian and enlisted in the army. Despite a lack of training, she showed such natural talent at fighting with a glaive that Teelie had her superiors hand her training over to the halfling. After some work, she started to do missions for the Adventurer's Guild; after all, it's her duty to help protect the innocent civilians living across this land.

Her personality doesn't seem to go well with that of a lot of other adventurer's, causing some problems. She has high standards for who should be considered a hero, which tends to clash with her belief that the people fighting for Xian should be doing it for the same reasons that she is. This has lead to a lot of clashes with Janos in particular as he seems to rub her the wrong way. He's also a jerk and anyone who tells you that she has a crush on him is a liar.


Sandrine is a tall, young elven woman, a little over six feet, with a sturdy build and mid-toned Caucasian skin, light but not pale. She has rich, forest green hair kept in a short, wild pixie cut, with myriad thick strands coming to no consensus on which way to stray. Two long ears pierce the veil of wild locks, coming to fine points not quite reaching past the top of her head. Her eyes are shaped like full, round almonds, with irises cast in pure gold. Her nose is straight and fine, with a long, narrow bridge, and her jaw is fine and angular like that of most elves, tapering down to a narrow chin.

Sandrine is armoured in strong, shimmering scales—a vest of the stuff covers most of her shoulders and torso, well-fitted by belting down her back. It cuts off just above her navel, baring a stripe of rippling, toned muscle below. At her shoulders, the vest is bolstered by a pair of small, shining pauldrons before the lean muscle of her biceps is bared, then partially concealed again by shining steel armbands belted in place. They end above her elbows, after which steel bracers are belted to her toned forearms, ending just before her wrists and the slender but strong, long-fingered hands that follow. A rugged leather baldric is slung over her shoulder and curves over the vest; in back, it bears a loop where Sandrine's glaive is stowed when not in her hands.

After the stripe of bared midriff, a metal belt picks up the slack, holding up trews of more strong, steel scales that armour her sturdy legs from the hips all the way down to her calves, where long boots covered in steel plates and topped with kneecap guards begin.
(written by Vivian)

Character Sheet

Fighter Level 6 Elite Defender
Medium Elf 8681 XP
Initiative: +6 Senses: Perception +9; Insight +7; low-light vision
HP: 61; Bloodied: 30
Healing Surges: 9 Healing Surges @ 15 HP
AC: 23; Fortitude: 19, Reflex: 16, Will: 18
Speed: 6
Action Points: 1
Possible PP: Polearm Master Possible ED: Eternal Defender
Alignment: Good Languages: Low Imperial, Elven
Trained Skills: Athletics +11, Endurance +8, Heal +12
STR: 17 (+3) DEX: 15 (+2) WIS: 19 (+4)
CON: 11 (+0) INT: 8 (-1) CHA: 10 (0)
Melee Basic Attack Basic Attack
You resort to the simple, but well-practiced attack you learned when you first picked up a melee weapon.
At-Will ♦ Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 2d4+7 damage.

Ranged Basic Attack Basic Attack
You resort to the simple attack you learned when you first picked up a ranged weapon.
At-Will ♦ Weapon
Standard Action Ranged 15 short, 30 long
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC
Hit: 1 [W] + Dexterity modifier damage.

Footwork Lure Fighter Attack 1
A quick attack to hook your weapon between your opponent's legs, a simple pull gives you all the leverage you need to drag them around.
At-Will ♦ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 2d4+7 damage. You can shift 1 square and slide the target into the space you left.

Cleave Fighter Attack 1
Line up two enemies and let your weapon do the rest or make them bleed when they're alone.
At-Will ♦ Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 2d4+7 damage, and an enemy adjacent to you other than the target takes 3 damage.
Cruel Cut Style: If no other enemies are adjacent to the target when you hit the target, the target takes ongoing damage equal to your Wisdom modifier (+4) (save ends).
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