Class: Wizard
Sex: Male


Info: Molokh is an Accursed wizard whose change not only transformed him, but also severely damaged his memory of who he was before. Adopting a name he found scrawled in the ashes he awoke in, Molokh's defining characteristics seem to be a ferocious temper, a lack of patience, and an extraordinary chip on his shoulder. Despite these charming traits — or perhaps because of them — he tends to cleave loyally to the few companions he has. The nature priestess Eamane helps to quell the worst of his fury, and he has found something of a kindred spirit in the witch Vivian. Still, he often lives for the days when he can unleash the full force of his magical power, blasting Tidespawn and undead with the blazing fires that smoulder perpetually beneath whatever calm exterior he chooses to show to the world.

Molokh maintains a squat, hexagonal tower as a domicile a few miles from Xian. It's something of a landmark, with the strange inscriptions graven into its walls.

A slim Accursed stands here, like an ashen shadow of things to come. His long face, with high cheekbones and deep set eyes, suggests some throwback to a nobler age. Certainly his features seem made for smiles, and sly grins, and salacious whispers. Even now, his thin lips curl up faintly at some humorous idea. His skin is a dark gray in color, like charcoal, and his brow is marred by two horns that curve back across his skull, sheened in black save for the gray points. His ears are distinctly pointed, and his eyes are a startling jade green shot with gold, often glowing faintly when his emotions are up. His hair is a darker green in color, like moss, and is long and tied into numerous braids that frame his face.

His frame is slender, clad in a deep crimson tunic and dark trousers, tucked into knee-high leather boots. A broad leather belt wraps around his waist, studded with small metal punches, and over all of this is an elaborate crimson cloak, trimmed in gold and embroidered with strange runes. A slim chain hangs around his neck, with a tiny leather bag at the end of it. He wears curious-looking gloves, the fingertips cut away so that his pointed nails can be seen. A long wand of scribed bone hangs from his belt, as well as an unadorned dagger, and a pack is strapped to his back.

Molokh's familiar, Quasit, is a normal sized cat with black fur, white paws, and golden eyes.

Race: Accursed
AC: 20
Fortitude: 15
Move: 6
Perception: +6

Class: Wizard
HP: 49 [24]
Reflex: 19
Initiative: +6
Insight: +11

Level: 8
Surges: 6 [12hp]
Will: 20

Magic Missile (at-will, standard, force, arcane, implement, ranged 20)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 2d4+6 force damage

Scorching Burst (at-will, standard, fire, arcane, implement, area burst 1 within 10 squares)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 1d6+8 fire damage

Burning Hands (encounter, standard, fire, arcane, implement, close blast 5)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 2d6+8 fire damage

Shock Sphere (encounter, standard, electricity, arcane, implement, area burst 2 within 10
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 2d6+6 electricity damage

Fire Burst (encounter, standard, fire, arcane, implement, area burst 2 within 20 squares)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 3d6+8 fire damage

NOTE: Molokh may only use two daily powers per day.

Sleep (daily, standard, arcane, implement, sleep, area burst 2 within 20 squares)
Attack: +11 vs Will | Targets slowed (save ends). If target fails first save vs power, target falls unconscious (save ends).
Miss: The target is slowed (save ends)

Acid Arrow (daily, standard, arcane, acid, implement, ranged 20)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 2d8+6 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)
Secondary Attack: +9 vs Reflex, each creature adjacent to target | 1d8+6 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage, and ongoing 2 acid damage to target (save ends)

Flaming Sphere (daily, standard, arcane, fire, implement, ranged 10)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 2d6+8 fire damage
Extra: Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the sphere takes 1d4+4 fire damage. The sphere may be moved up to 6 squares with a move action.
Sustain Minor: The sphere may be sustained for the rest of the encounter.

Fireball (daily, standard, arcane, fire, implement, area burst 3 within 20)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | 3d6+8 fire damage
Miss: Half damage

Stinking Cloud (daily, standard, arcane, implement, poison, zone, area burst 2 within 20)
Attack: +11 vs Fortitude | 1d10+6 poison damage
Extra: Creates a zone of poisonous fog that blocks line of sight. Creatures that enter or begin their turn within the fog take 1d10+5 poison damage. As a move action, you can move the fog up to 6 squares.
Sustain Minor: The fog may be sustained for the rest of the encounter.

Web (daily, standard, arcane, implement, zone, area burst 2 within 20)
Attack: +11 vs Reflex | Target is immobilized (save ends)
Extra: The target area is filled with webs that last until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. The zone is considered difficult terrain, and any creature that ends their turn in it is immobilized (save ends).

NOTE: Molokh may only use two utility powers in a given day.

Shield (encounter, utility, interrupt)
Effect: Gain a +4 to AC and Reflex defense until the end of your next turn.

Expeditious Retreat (daily, utility, move)
Effect: Shift up to twice your speed.

Dimension Door (daily, utility, teleportation, standard)
Effect: Teleport yourself (and no one else) up to 10 squares.

Dispel Magic (daily, utility, standard)
Effect: Targets a conjuration or zone. Destroys it on a successful roll of +11 vs the caster's Will defense.

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