Age: 22

Physical: Standing nearly six feet tall, Marr is a muscle bound strong man. Never seen in heavy plate or chains, the male human more often spots warpaint of his skin and armor, sometimes to blend in with the surroundings, other times to intimidate with the ferocity of a large feline, while still yes, he had used warpaint to make himself look as if a lion, regal and watching those around him. Across his back is strapped a large two handed sword decorated with various symbols, though none of them seem to correspond to any known language. His skin is deeply bronzed, showing long periods of time out under the sun, with rich brown hair and cold green eyes.

Fame: A mercenary working in the farmlands, often seen working as a guard for farmers. Loyal to the word of the contract, it's been advised to be careful to make sure his contract dosn't end the night before a large battle.

Character Sheet

Race: Human Class: Barbarian Level: 2
AC: 16 HP: 37 [18] Surges: 11 [9hp]
Fortitude: 18 Reflex: 14 Will: 13
Move: 6 Initiative: +2
Perception: +6 Insight: +1

+1 Greatsword of Wounding
Devastating Strike: Melee * At Will
Attack: +10 vs. AC | 1d10+1d8+5 damage | Effect: +2 bonus to attack rolls against Marr
Howling Strike: Melee * At Will
Attack: +10 vs. AC | 1d10+1d6+5 damage | Effect: Uses Charge Action
Pressing Strike: Melee * At Will
Attack: +10 vs. AC | 1d10+5 damage | Effect: Before attack, shift two squares. Hit: Push target 1.
Avalanche Strike: Melee * Encounter
Attack: +10 vs. AC | 3d10+8 damage | Effect: +4 Bonus to attack rolls against Marr

(After Rage, switch to Rage Tab for updated stats and effects)
Macetail's Rage: Melee Burst 1 * Daily
Attack: +10 vs. Reflex | 1d10+5 damage
Hit: Knock target prone | Miss: Half Damage
Rage Effect: Whenever Marr makes a Hit, he gains 4 Temp HP.

Thrown Javelin:
Basic Ranged: Ranged 10/20 * At Will
Attack: +7 vs. AC | 1d10+4 damage | Ammo: 3

Swift Charge: Free Action * Encounter
Trigger: Marr reduces an enemy to 0 HP
Effect: Marr charges an enemy.

Combat Sprint: Move Action * Encounter
Effect: Move +4. +4 Defense against opportunity attacks from this movement.

Rampage: Free Action * Round
Trigger: Marr causes a critical hit with barbarian attack power
Effect: Marr may make an immediate basic Melee strike. Does not have to be same target as critical.

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