Info:Forth Coming

Appearance:This woman's the very picture of someone who is on the cusp of adulthood and leaving her teen years behind. Her youth is hinted within her eyes and perhaps even the slim form of her body. She stands at a good 5'6", the slopes of her body holding distinct curvature despite her youth. She seems to carry a frame made for swimming or dancing, baring wide hips and shapely thighs in contrast to her modest upper trunk. Silken hair seems to frame her face exquisitely in a cerulean waterfall that extends just passed her chin, and hovering above the feminine curve of her shoulders. Her face is smooth, complexion bearing the faintest of honey milk. Small horns protrude just above slightly pointed ears aiming back in a diagonal angle. Finely groomed brows always seem to arch downward, giving off a feeling of solemn thought or curiosity. Under that, rest bright pools of arctic blue, her eyes framed in large oval shapes that make her gaze seem knowing and yet innocent all at the same time. Accentuating such features are ebon lashes with lids that are ringed with a dark kohl. A small nose slopes down, upturned at the end, finishing out in a small button tip. Her facial features are concluded in smooth cheekbones, supple jaw line and rounded chin. Her lips are thin, though not terribly so and are of a peach hue that seems to stay in a natural pout. One will also take notice that the nails on her hands and feet are slightly elongated and feral in appearance.

Her attire consists of a rugged cloth halter top that exposes the length of her belly right down to wide hips where a long skirt clings, spanning just down to her ankles. The skirt itself sports slits, right up to the waist band and offers clear view of her dancers legs. The back offers a small hole where her tail protrudes swaying as her mood dictates. To cover her from the elements and prying eyes while she travels light brow travel cloak is worn. A small back pack is what finalizes the second hand attire which is mostly brown.


HP: 24 [12]

Surges: 8 [6]


Illusory Ambush (at-will, Standard Action, Psychic, Implement,Illusion, Arcane, range 10)
Attack: +4 vs Will | 1d6+4 psychic damage, target takes -2 penalty on attack rolls until end of next turn.

Nightmare Eruption (at-will, Standard Action, Implement,Psychic,Arcane, Illusion range 10)
Attack: +4 vs Will | 1d8+4 Psychic damage, adjacent enemies take psychic damage equal to +4

Grasping Shadows (encounter, Standard Action, Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Psychic, Area burst 1 within 10 squares)
Attack: +4 vs Will | 1d8+4 Psychic damage, Target is slowed until the end of next turn.
Extra:Creatues that enture area of grasping shadow take +4 damage and are slowed until end of their next turn

Horrid Whispers (daily, Standard Action, Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Psychic, Area burst 1 within 10 squares)
Attack: +4 vs Will | 1d6+4 Psychic Damage, -2 penalty on attack rolls (saves ends both)
After Effect: Target is knocked prone.
Miss: target is slowed, takes -2 penalty until end of my next turn.

Phantom Chasm (daily, Standard Action, Arcane, Illusion, Psychic, Area burst 1 within 20 squares)
Attack: +4 vs Will | 2d6+4 Psychic Damage, Target is prone and immobilized until end of its next turn
Miss:The target is immobilized until the end of my next turn.

Flaming Sphere (daily, Standard Action, Conjuration, Fire, Implement, Range 10)
Attack: +4 vs Reflex | 2d6+4 Fire Damage
Extra: Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the sphere takes 1d4+4 fire damage. The sphere may be moved up to 6 squares with a move action.
Sustain Minor: The sphere may be sustained for the rest of the encounter.

Second Wind (Encounter, utility, Standard, Personal)
Effect: SPend a healing surge and regain 6 HP. Gain +2 to all defenses until start of next turn.

(Note: Pictures on this page were selected for inspirational purposes. Lilith does not currently have wings or tattoos.)
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