Child Prodigy of the Cursed Dreams District

Age: 16
Physical: 4'10"


Koh has always been a bit smarter than the other kids she knew. She grew up for a bit in an orphanage within the somewhat infamous Cursed Dreams district of Xian, though she ran away when she was 9. On her own and unsure of her place in the world, she found it studying a strange form of magic by watching children at an elite academy from the shadows. Now she's worked her way on her own to be a passable wielder of the arcane, and pressed her way into being awarded an Adventurer's License.


This girl stands a bit under five feet tall, but doesn't seem to look up at people around her. Her red hair is a bit scruffy, single strands sticking out in places while the rest is pulled into a rough ponytail that hangs to the middle of her shoulder blades. A pale complexion is marked by freckles across her cheeks, along with blue eyes that add with her other features to mark her as someone who might be more at home in a city other than Xian. Those eyes are intelligent, though a bit shifty. She looks a bit thin for her age, which seems to put her somewhere in her late teens.

She wears a long, brown linen robe, the material frayed and worn through in places. It's a bit thick around the chest, as if something was worn underneath. Leather armor, perhaps. Her sleeves are far too long, hanging a good three inches past her fingertips. Ropes act as her belt, while the robe splits at the sides to provide greater mobility. Her legs are clad is loose, baggy pants colored in a dirty beige, while cloth wraps bunch it up at her ankles. Simple sandals protect her feet.

Character Sheet

Race: Human Class: Swordmage Level: 1
AC: 20 HP: 27 [13] Surges: 9 [6hp]
Fortitude: 12 Reflex: 16 Will: 14
Move: 6 Initiative: +0
Perception: +1 Insight: +6

Aegis of Shielding: Close Burst 2 * At Will
Target: One Target, Marked. -2 penalty to attack others, shield others
Booming Blade: Melee or Ranged * At Will
Attack: +8 vs. AC | 1d8+5 damage | 1d6+1 if target moves away on its turn
Lightning Lure: Ranged 3 * At Will
Attack: +5 vs. Fort | 1d6+5 lightning damageand pull target adjacent
Sword Burst: Close Burst 1 * At Will
Attack: +5 vs. Reflex | 1d6+5 force damage
Lightning Clash: Melee * Encounter
Attack: +8 vs. AC | 1d8+5 damage
Secondary Attack: +8 vs Reflex | 1d6+5 lightning damage
Whirling Blade: Ranged 5 * Daily
Attack: +8 vs. AC | 2d8+5 damage |
Miss: Keep trying on other target up to 5 squares away, up to 4 targets total

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