Kodachi is - this is something of an open secret - the daughter of the Daifu Arkady Tendo, a lord of an ancient Kueh family. She is far from any chance of inheriting, having an elder brother to fill her father's shoes. Rumor has it that she has had her differences with the family, ever since an arranged marriage went bad and her husband was murdered. Her connections to the Daifu of House Zhi Min, her husband's family, are tenuous but appear to be rebuilding - she has been seen in public meeting with the House's only remaining daughter, Delicate Moonlight Lotus.

Today, she is one of the Adventurer's Guild's more flamboyant members, gaining a reputation for dealing quickly and efficiently with problems. She can often be found in company of her favorite fellows from the Guild, including fellow warlock Xia Kit, and her favorite partner, Huifen.

(Note: At the moment, despite the race listed on her sheet, Kodachi appears human. The power of her Pact with the Lie is so great that she is being slowly transformed into a True Elf, and for simplicity's sake she is treated as one for all game-mechanics purposes. By the time she reaches Paragon tier, the change will be obvious.)


Class Warlock
Level 7
Sex Female
Race Eladrin

Strength 12 Intelligence 14
Dexterity 17 Wisdom 10
Constitution 12 Charisma 17

Acrobatics +10 Arcana +12
Athletics +8 Bluff +11
Diplomacy +8 Dungeoneering +5
Endurance +6 Heal +5
History +9 Insight +8
Intimidate +8 Nature +5
Perception +5 Religion +7
Stealth +11 Streetwise +8
Thievery +11

Note: Values include Jack of All Trades bonus and appropriate item bonuses

Feats Abilities
Armor Proficiency (Cloth) Fey Type
Armor Proficiency (Leather) Low-Light Vision
Warlock Pact (Fey) Eldritch Pact
Eldritch Blast (Charisma) Warlock's Curse
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Melee) Speed 6
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Ranged) Prime Shot
Improved Misty Step Shadow Walk
Jack of All Trades Eladrin Bonus Skill
Weapon Proficiency (Longsword) Language: Court Imperial
Implement Mastery Trance instead of sleep
Ritual Caster +5 Defense vs Charm effects

Level Title Uses Action Summary
0 Longsword At-Will Standard Atk+Str (+7) vs AC, W=1d8+2 dmg
0 Fey Step Encounter Move Teleport 3 squares
0 Warlock's Curse At Will Minor +1d6 damage when attacking target
1 Eldritch Blast At Will Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Ref, 1d10+Cha damage. Counts as Ranged Basic Attack.
1 Eyebite At Will Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Will, 1d6+Cha psychic damage. Invisible to target until start of your next turn.
1 Witchfire Encounter Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Ref, 2d6+Cha Fire damage, -(2+Int) to target's attacks for 1 turn
1 Curse of the Dark Dream Daily Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Will, 3d8+Cha Mental damage, slide target
2 Beguiling Tongue Encounter Minor +5 to Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate
3 Otherwind Step Encounter Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Fort (Burst 1), 1d8+Cha damage + Immobilize, Teleport self 5+Int squares
5 Crown of Madness Encounter Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Will, 2d6+Cha damage. Miss: Half Damage. Sustain Minor: Target attacks ally.
6 Rending Fear of Khirad Daily Standard A helpless enemy must answer up to Cha+1 questions truthfully and completely.
7 Mire the Mind Encounter Standard Atk+Cha (+7) vs Will. 1d10+Cha damage. Self and all allies invisible to target for one turn. +Int to Stealth checks until end of encounter.

Rituals Known Level Title
1 Arcane Mark
1 Fastidiousness
1 Comprehend Languages
1 Magic Mouth
2 Endure Elements
4 Arcane Lock
6 Sending

Hit Points 54 Bloodied 27 Healing Surges 7 @ 13
Base AC 20 Fortitude 16 Reflex 19 Willpower 20
Passive Insight 18 Passive Perception 15

Notable Equipment

Leather Armor (Luring Withdrawl, +2) (When an enemy misses with a melee attack, you may shift 1 space and force the enemy to shift into the space you vacated)
Pact Blade +1 (+1 to-hit and damage when used as an Implement)
Amulet of Protection +2 (+2 to all Defenses)
Hedge Wizard's Gloves (Mage Hand and Prestidigitation as at-will powers)
Dynamic Belt (+2 Item bonus to Athletics and Acrobatics)
Avalanche Boots (When an attack Pushes a target, +1 to distance. May shift 1 square after charging.)

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