Kemala is a young clerk and magician assisting the magistrate Lu Bin in his crime-solving endeavors. She is a former pupil of the diabolical black magician Yue-Laou.



Level 3 Female Human Wizard
Initiative +2; Senses Perception +8; detect magic
HP 30; Bloodied 15; Surges per Day 6; Surge Value 7
AC 15; Fortitude 14; Reflex 18; Will 18
Speed 6

Quarterstaff (basic melee attack) +4 vs. AC for 1d8+1 damage
Magic Missile (basic ranged attack) +6 vs. Ref for 2d4+6
Class Features Orb of Imposition (encounter); Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation (at-will)
At-Will Powers Cloud of Daggers, Magic Missile, Thunderwave
Encounter Powers Chill Strike, Shock Sphere
Daily Powers (prepare one, but see +1 mnemonic staff) Flaming Sphere, Phantom Chasm, or Sleep
Utility Powers (prepare one, but see +1 mnemonic staff) Expeditious Retreat (daily) or Shield (encounter)

Alignment Good; Languages Low Imperial, Dialects
Skills Arcana +13, History +10, Insight +8, Nature +8, Perception +8, Religion +10
Feats Expanded Spellbook, Ritual Caster, Skill Focus (arcana), Skill Training (perception)
Str 10 (+1) Dex 13 (+2) Wis 14 (+3)
Con 11 (+1) Int 18 (+5) Cha 12 (+2)
Rituals Known 1-Amanuensis, Animal Messenger, Banish Vermin, Fastidiousness, Tenser's Disk, Wizard's Curtain; 2-Endure Elements, Preservation, Seek Rumor, Water Walk; 3-Battlefield Elocution
Equipment +1 mnemonic staff (daily; Kemala can exchange a daily or utility power she has prepared for another spell she knows of the same level or lower), +2 amulet of protection, potion of healing, ritual book, cloth armor, dagger, jewelry, 1,335 gp


Sinda (her given name; 'Kemala' is a nickname given to her by her magical mentor) is the eldest daughter of Inda, a woman who has spent her adult life as secretary to Lu Bin, a prosperous — and fantastically obese — magistrate who specializes in the solving of criminal cases without ever leaving his home. Lu Bin's patronage has always been enough to keep Inda out of poverty, but more importantly Bin saw to it that Inda's clever daughter was given a top-rate education. For several years this meant that Sinda attended a well-regarded school for commoners, where she was taught history, religion, law, rhetoric, and mathematics. However, as she began to mature into a young woman, Sinda's talent for magic was detected by a schoolmaster, who informed her mother and patron Lu Bin of the girl's potential.

Sinda was transferred to a magic academy conducted under the auspices of a revered and wizened master Yue Laou. There, she lived, worked, and slept while her mother continued to devote herself to remaining in the good graces of the often mercurial and fussy Lu Bin. Sinda proved herself an excellent student, with a natural head for the occult arts, and after a particular incident in which she managed to conjure an image of her mother in a jade stone, her master gave her the arcane name 'Kemala,' or 'Magic Stone.' After years of instruction, during which she was forced to compete with rival students for Yue Laou's attention and instruction, she succeeded in passing a rigorous exit exam with high marks, and was considered to be a full magicienne.

Recently, Inda retired from Lu Bin's service, recieving a modest pension that is enough to allow her to grow old in humble peace and security. Sinda has naturally volunteered to take her mother's place, but not as secretary. Rather, she has joined Lu Bin's small group of clerks who travel out of the city to remote villages, where they collect evidence and hear testimony on criminal cases. This information is then brought back to the infamous detective, who ruminates on the evidence, works in his garden, and solves the case before tea. Inda and her fellow clerks are then given written instructions for the resolution of the case, whereupon they return to the remote village and implement their employer's instructions. Sinda sees this job as intellectually challenging and as an opportunity to learn law and crime-solving at the feet of a master, even if she spends most of her time in humble villages and on the road.

Friends and Foes

Kemala's best friends are Atmeh, one of the city's foremost priestesses, the sword-for-hire named Jiao, and an Accursed by the name of Sayuri. She met Jiao in an investigation which led to the necromancer known as Yellow Fox, whom she has yet to successfully apprehend. Kemala and Atmeh met at a party which Kemala held to celebrate a recent bout of good fortune, and they became fast friends. Sayuri accompanied Kemala on a mission to protect a wrecked merchant ship from pirates. Kemala has met other adventurers in the city, such as Defiance, Zarak, Arthus, Heskann, and Telazaia, but she does not know any of them especially well.


I store my descs here for my own convenience.

First Impressions Kemala is a young, attractive, slender woman whose black hair is decorously arranged to frame her face and crown her head. Her small mouth is painted a pale rosy shade, and the tasteful application of ink serves to accent her long dark lashes and slender arching brows. Her complexion, though fair and unblemished, is perhaps a shade more sun-darkened than that of other city-dwellers, suggesting she spends more than the usual amount of time out of doors, perhaps traveling. A net of golden strands binds her hair like a web, with a brilliant emerald resting upon her forehead. She has several golden rings upon her fingers and, should you see them, her toes.

Blue Sari The warmth of the climate has prompted her to don a blue sari, a garment which is flattered by her feminine shape. White embroidery decorates the hem that streaks down from her left shoulder to under her right arm and a gauzy white wrap decorated with blue flowers along the hem drapes languidly down around her arms and hands. A pearl bracelet circles one wrist, and she wears a turqoise ring on her other hand. The sway of the sari completely conceals any sight of her legs and feet, with a broad white hem embroidered along the trailing edge of the garment.

** Gold Two-Piece** Her sari is a two-piece outfit of luxurious golden silk trimmed in sky blue. The halter top dips in a low V at the neck and clings to her lush curves, leaving her shoulders and arms bare. She carries a semi-transparent wrap loosely around her body, the ends of the draping cloth hooked with heavy golden rings to bracelets which twine about her wrists, making the garment into something like a cape, though it goes nowhere near her neck and instead hangs low to cover her backside. Her flat stomach, bronzed by the sun, is entirely bare and marked by a magnificent pearl in a golden setting. The skirt which matches her golden halter has been wrapped low around her hips, the heavy blue hem giving the otherwise light cloth some weight and mostly obscuring her simple sandals and painted toes.

Other Details When she moves, Kemala is graceful and composed, as if she is a woman who is never in a hurry, and yet always on time. Although she is a few inches shorter than is typical, she bears herself with serene confidence. Her dark eyes see much, and she often gestures with long and graceful fingers as she speaks. Her voice betrays a life of education; every word spoken carefully and precisely, in her naturally soft and feminine tone.


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