Janos Thunreyson

Storm-Singer of the Winter's Lament

Age: 19
Physical: A lean and tall Accursed, born Skandr and reshaped by the demons of the sea.

Other crew members of the Winter's Lament: Jade (Captain), Mia, Signe, Ausra
Alts: Xiao, Kegado, Guardian Frost


The Winter's Lament, a Skandr raider, was docked in North Neck when the mysterious crystal there exploded. Full a third of her crew was touched by those strange energies and transformed into the newborn race, the Accursed. The Lament, as a result, has gained a reputation as a cursed ship - a harbinger of doom or alien portents. Janos, son of Laszar Thunreye, is the Storm-Singer of this now infamous vessel.

Known in the Shogunate as Ten Thunders Roaring, and less poetically as Fuyukyo Ansho (Ansho being the closest the Kueh tongue comes to Janos and Fuyukyo being the familiy name given to the Accursed of the Winter's Lament - a transliteration of that ship's name). There, the Accursed crew members of the Winter's Lament form a minor family that has no significant holdings of its own but is sometimes courted by the major families as the vital bit of influence to swing a decision one way or another.


Once he was a Skandr, lean and tall and sinewy. But now he is something else entirely. Now, he is a creature spun from salt and storm. What was once black hair has been transformed into a mass of anemone tendrils, a crown of cerulean and azure, cobalt and silver that sways and shifts as if caught in some secret current. His eyes, set in a fair and handsome face, are blessed with neither white nor pupil now, rendered instead to a swirling, solid, thunderstorm gray shot through with motes of actinic lightning. For a beard, he has the hard spines of the sea urchin, sharp and dangerous at the point of his chin.

Bits of coral, abalone and obsidian are bound through his tendrils like beads in dreadlocks, glittering as that brightly colored blue mass sways and shifts. A suit of gray armor - sharkskin by the look of it - is fitted close to his slender build, lending him an even longer, leaner line. At his belt he bear sword and horn, at his wrist a strange wand.

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