The Scarlet Lotus Devil, Weaver of the Lie

Age: 23
Sex: Female


Tall, fell and elegant this Accursed woman, a full six feet in height and her body a litany of long legs, buxom curves and forbidden promises. Her smooth, richly tanned skin is tinged a dusky red and her long, straight black hair cascades unbound to her waist. Thick ram's horns, the left decorated with a jade serpent ornament coiled around its base, sweep back from her brow and curl forward to flank her proud jaw. Her eyes are solid orbs the color of molten gold, canted exotically above high and severe cheekbones and her full, bowed lips occasionally part to reveal the sharp points of a predator's teeth. A long tail pebbled with pearlescent, dark red scales snakes and weaves languidly behind her.
Her style of dress serves only to further separate her from the humanity she once claimed as her own. A thick choker of glistening black leather is buckled around her throat, its silver fittings polished to a mirror shine. A black silken halter fans out from beneath it, clinging tightly to her full chest and leaving her proud shoulders bare. Laced up either side of her body, a boned corset of bold scarlet and silver brocade serves to accentuate the sweeping lines of her already pronounced figure. Shimmering silver links make up the belt worn scandalously low on her hips. Layers of scarlet silk drape from it as a skirt with full-length slits on either side that allow tantalizing glimpses of the flesh of her upper legs. Leather boots as black as sin rise to mid-thigh, laced tightly to her legs along their entire length from their tops to her ankles. Curiously, her left arm is sheathed in more black leather from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers. Straps and silver buckles are set at regular intervals down the sleeve's length and short, gleaming spikes protrude from each knuckle. Her other arm is bare and unrestricted, decorated with a single silver torc clasped around her bicep.
Sheathes of supple black leather and glimmering silver fittings are strapped to either of her thighs and are made to seem of a piece with her tall boots. The one on her left bears an ornate dagger nearly as long her forearm; at her right is held an equally long rod of heavy platinum graven with arcane runes.

Character Sheet

Race: Accursed Class: Warlock Level: 8
AC: 20 HP: 63 [31] Surges: 8 [15hp]
Fortitude: 18 Reflex: 20 Will: 22
Move: 7 Initiative: +7
Perception: +7 Insight: +7

Eldritch Blast: Ranged 10* At Will
Attack: +11 vs. Reflex | 1d10+7 damage

Eyebite: Ranged 10 * At Will
Attack: +11 vs. Will | 1d6+7 psychic damage | Invisible to target until end of next turn

Witchfire: Ranged 10 * Encounter
Attack: +12 vs. Reflex | 2d6+8 fire damage | Target is -5 to attack rolls until end of next turn

Scorching Burst (Wizard): Area burst 1 within 10 squares * Encounter
Attack: +8 vs. Reflex | 1d6+4 fire damage

Otherwind Stride: Close burst 1 * Encounter
Attack: +11 vs. Fortitude | 1d8+7 damage | Target is immobilized until end of next turn
Effect: Teleport 8 squares

Howl of Doom: Close blast 3 * Encounter
Attack: +12 vs. Fortitude | 2d6+8 damage | Target is pushed 2 squares

Dread Star: Ranged 10 * Daily
Attack: +12 vs. Will | 3d6+8 radiant damage | Target is immobilized until end of next turn
Effect: Target takes -2 penalty to Will defense (save ends)

Curse of the Bloody Fangs: Ranged 10 * Daily
Attack: +7 vs. AC | 2d10+7 damage
Miss: Half damage
Sustain Minor: Target and any adjacent enemies take 1d10 damage (save ends)

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