Class: Avenger Level 4

HP: 44
AC: 22
Strength: 10 Fort: 15
Dexterity: 14 Ref: 17
Constitution: 12 Will: 18
Intelligence: 17 Surges: 8
Wisdom: 19 Surge heal: 11
Charisma: 8

Skills: Trained in Acrobatics, Perception, , Stealth and Religion

Armor prof/Cloth
Armor Proficiency/Leather
Censure of Retribution
Improved Armor of Faith
Weapon Proficiency/All Simple
Weapon Proficiency/FullBlade
Weapon Proficiency/Simple Ranged
Armor of faith
Avenger's censure
Channel divinity
Fey creature type
Group awareness +1 to perception
Ignore difficult terrain when shifting
Low-light vision
Move 7 squares
Oath of enmity
Proficient with longbow/shortbow
Speak dialects
Speak shakuntal

Sex: Immanent Elf Female


+1 Bloodclaw FullBlade
+1 Sunblade Fullblade
+1 Sylvan Leather Armor
+1 Talon Amulet


Bond of Retribution At will
Overwhelming Strike At will
Aspect of Might Daily
Silver Shadow Utility
Sparking Wounds Encounter
Avenging Echo Encounter


One half of an extremely rare birth producing identical twins, Chaeli is rarely seen without her twin sister, Chaedi. Having grown up together, they know what each other are doing without even communicating, even though it seems foolhardy to others. Brought up as assassins, Chaeli and her sister usually fight from the shadows. Chaeli, however, is the less brawny of the pair, preferring to fight with knowledge and wisdom, despite the gigantic blade she wields. Hurting her sister or her friends, brings out a nastier side of this elf. to those that wish to hurt her friends or her sister, find that this woman is especially cruel and vicious and will not hesitate to kill those that would bring harm to those she cares about.

Lately, she has been in the company of not only her twin sister, but a human woman by the name of Spider. Chaeli has taken a liking to this woman and her brash attitude and offbeat manner, but also because the alchemist has saved her backside on numerous occasions.

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