Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Violetguard (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Real Name: Gwendolyn Violetguard
Age: 18
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Class: Warlord
Sex Female


Correct Info to come soon when Background is completed properly.


"Statuesque" is the word. Gwendolyn certainly stands out in a crowd, seeing as how she measures about six feet tall and probably checks in at around two hundred pounds. Most of that weight comes from the muscle packed on her broad-shouldered and long-legged frame; it's impossible to ignore her strength and athleticism. A diamond-shaped face with full lips and a delicate nose peeks out from beneath a ornately braided and woven design of chestnut brown tresses that, if pulled free, would hang to the middle of her back. A pair of heavy ridged horns curl from her forehead, arching back over her ears like a ram's, black with gold ridges that look quite menacing, but do not block her vision. Thin eyebrows arch delicately over long-lashed, slightly almond shaped, solid white eyes that sometimes glow with a malevolent light. When she smiles, bright white teeth with elongated canines sometimes appear. Her shoulders are broad and strong, her legs and arms are corded with iron-hard muscle, and her chest is….well….seriously stacked. She's also pretty good looking. With delicate bone structure and relatively tanned skin, she could almost pass for Human, if it weren't for the horns, four-foot long tail, and brick-red skin.

Gwendolyn is dressed in a strange combination of clothing and armor, culled together from various sources with the formost consideration being the protection of her assets with an emphasis on her more feminine aspects, and if asked, that emphasis is solely for distraction purposes. Her armor is made up of several layers; a set of leather breeches and a padded shirt cover her legs and torso, a layer of well-manufactured chainmail providing the bulk of the protection, and scavenged bits of plate are attached here and there; mainly along her arms and shoulders- trying to deflect any blows that happen to make it through her defenses. Underneath her mail she wears a long leather riding coat which is both stylish and sexy and provides another layer of protection to her legs and tail, along with a dramatic flair if she turns quickly enough. The overall effect, of course, serves to make her look tough, but feminine. A few earrings and rings adorn her fingers and horns, with, of all things, a green bow tied deftly at the end of her tail showing a playful side.

She is armed with a polearm that could be best described as a cross between a broad-bladed axe and a spear; one side sweeping a good twenty-four inches toward the hilt for slashing, the other a hook for catching on opponents or puncturing armor with a wicked spear tip offering it's delights to anyone silly enough to charge her. A curved dagger and a broadbladed short-sword hang at her waist, in the event someone gets past her defenses.

Character Stats

Warlord Level 6 Resourceful Warlord
Medium Tiefling XP for next level: 2097
Initiative: +4 Senses: Perception +12; Insight +12; Special Senses: Low Light Vision
HP: 42; Bloodied: 21;
Healing Surges: 9 Healing Surges @ 11 HP
Base AC: 15; Fortitude: 18, Reflex: 16, Will: 19
Speed: 6
Possible PP: Twiceborn Leader Possible ED: Reborn Champion
Alignment: Chaotic good Languages: Low Imperial, Skandrvol, Dialects
Trained Skills: Athletics +11, Diplomacy +12, Endurance +10, Intimidate +12
Strength: 16 (+3/+5) Dexterity: 10 (+0/+2) Constitution: 14 (+2/+4)
Intelligence: 15 (+2/+4) Wisdom: 8 (-1/+1) Charisma: 18 (+4/+6)
Melee Basic Attack Basic Attack
A quick reactive strike, delivered into an opponents opening
At-Will ♦ Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +5 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+3 damage.

Ranged Basic Attack Basic Attack
A quick dive to pick up a rock, only to be thrown with incredible accuracy
At-Will ♦ Weapon
Standard Action Ranged 15 short, 30 long
Target: One creature
Attack: +0 vs. AC
Hit: 1d4+4 damage.

Wolf Pack Tactics Warlord Attack 1
Step by step, you and your friends surround the enemy.
At-Will ♦ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +5 vs. AC
Special: Before you attack, you let one ally adjacent to either you or the target shift 1 square as a free action.
Hit: 1d10+3 damage. Increase damage to 2d10+3 at 21st level.

Furious Smash Warlord Attack 1
You slam your shield into your enemy, bash him with your weapon's haft, or drive your shoulder into his gut. Your attack doesn't do much damage- but your anger inspires your ally to match your ferocity.
At-Will ♦ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +5 vs. Fortitude
Hit: Deal damage equal to your Strength modifier (+3), and then choose one ally adjacent to either you or the garget. This ally applies your charisma modifier (+3) as a power bonus to the attack roll and the damage roll on his or her next attack against the target. IF the ally does not attack the target by the end of his or her next turn, the bonus is lost.
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