Guardian Frost

Born under the Mountain of Sorrow

Age: 19
Physical: A massive, gray-furred bugbear thrall.

Keeper: Syn

Alts: Xiao, Janos, Kegado

Image: Background Image, Face Sketch


The Daifu, Yi Ling Fao, known to some as the Saffron Dowager, is something of a paradox among the thrall-holders of Xian. A ruthless merchant, beautiful and fierce, she built her empire on spices and trade, beauty and treachery. But beneath all this was a core of fairness, a strange and virtuous honesty and a respect for struggle. And so, when one of her thralls, a Bugbear mystic she had named Star-Eye Book, successfully anticipated and heroically prevented an assassination attempt on the Saffron Dowager, well, Yi Ling Fao was inclined to be generous.

And so, the bugbear child who would be named Guardian Frost, was brought into his life as a thrall somewhat more gently than others might have been. His mother occupied a post of some respect among the thralls, and her massively built son was given training and allowed time with his mother. He learned the ways of hammer and axe even as he learned, from his mother, the secrets of the seasons and herbs, of beast and sky, flower and stars. Born in winter, he had been favored by the constellation the goblinoids called the Mountain of Sorrows - ironically, a positive and auspicious constellation, despite its name. He was marked, at an early age, as a defender. A protector. A warden.

Frost's mother, Star-Eye Book, is growing old, now, and while Yi Ling Fao treats the old bugbear seer with kindness, there is little work the mystic can do. Frost has begun to step into a position of prominence, and is being groomed to be the Saffron Dowager's prize, her personal guardian. He is not yet that, but her eye - and for now, favor - are upon him.

He is currently tasked as the bodyguard and companion of the Daifu's daughter, Syn, who is skilled enoug has a warrior, herself, to need very little protection. Still, the two made for a study in contrast - and, surprisingly, cooperation.


At more than seven and a half feet tall, the Bugbear known as Guardian Frost is a massive figure, fully broad enough to match his towering height. No half-breed, this, no bastard spawn of the illicit tangling of human and goblinoid limbs and lines; Frost is undeniably bestial, with his snub-nosed muzzle and heavy coat of hair. His eyes, all but buried beneath his low brow, would be near to invisible if they weren't such a shocking shade of ice and blue. His mane is the color of stone and snow - granite gray shot through with streaks of silver, though his features speak of youth.

An iron collar, lined with red-orange silk, bears a chop that marks him as the thrall of the Daifu Yi Ling Fao and he wears the panoply of her household. A heavy coat of boiled leather dyed sepia is buckled tight across his barrel chest, its sleeves bound at his elbows and its skirts left to lay against his thighs. The wide silk sash that girds his waist matches the saffron breeches he wears tucked into fur-topped leather boots. His pointed ears are pierced with steel rings. He bears a shield on his back and carries an axe at his belt.

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