Feiel is something of a wild girl. No one knows a great deal about her, but she seems to have escaped the Shogunate with her life and her wits…
Well, mostly intact. Mostly. She's new to the Adventurer's Guild, but already has a reputation for being somewhat more fey than one expects.


Class Druid
Level 3
Sex Female
Race Gnome

Strength 14 Intelligence 12
Dexterity 12 Wisdom 16
Constitution 12 Charisma 14

Acrobatics +2 Arcana +9
Athletics +3 Bluff +3
Diplomacy +3 Dungeoneering +4
Endurance +2 Heal +4
History +2 Insight +9
Intimidate +3 Nature +9
Perception +9 Religion +2
Stealth +4 Streetwise +3
Thievery +2

Feats Abilities
Armor Proficiency (Cloth) Fey Type
Armor Proficiency (Leather) Low-Light Vision
Armor Proficiency (Hide) Master Trickster
Primal Predator Small size
Fey Trickster Speed 5
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Melee) Wild Shape
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Ranged) Balancing of Nature
Ritual Caster Primal Aspect
Primal Fury Reactive Stealth

Level Title Uses Action Summary
0 Dagger At-Will Standard Atk+Str (+5) vs AC, W=1d4+Str dmg. Counts as Melee Basic Attack.
0 Wild Shape At-Will Minor Transform to or from Beast Form
0 Fade Away Encounter Immediate Become invisible until end of your next turn. Trigger: Taking damage.
0 Ghost Sound Encounter Standard Create sonic illusion
0 Mage Hand Encounter Minor Conjure floating hand
0 Prestidigitation Encounter Standard Minor magical effects
1 Grasping Claws At Will Standard (Beastform) Atk+Wis (+3) vs Ref, 1d8+Wis dmg + Slow. Counts as Melee Basic Attack.
1 Pounce At Will Standard (Beastform) Atk+Wis (+3) vs Ref, 1d8+Wis dmg + CA grant to next attack. Can be used on Charge.
1 Thorn Whip At Will Standard Atk+Wis (+3) vs Fort, 1d8+Wis dmg, pull target 2 squares
1 Darting Bite Encounter Standard (Beastform) Atk+Wis (+3) vs Ref, 1-2 targets, 1d10+Wis dmg, shift self 2 squares
1 Faerie Fire Daily Standard Atk+Wis (+3) vs Will, Burst 1 w/in 10, targets Slowed, grant CA, when save ends 3d6+Wis Radiant dmg and still grants CA. Miss: 1d6+Wis Radiant dmg, CA 1 turn
2 Barkskin Encounter Standard (Primal) Target (Self or ally w/in 5) gains Power bonus to AC +Con (+1)
3 Predator's Flurry Encounter Standard (Primal) Atk+Wis (+3) vs Ref, 1d6+Wis dmg, Shift 2+Dex and Secondary Atk (same). Both targets dazed if hit.

Hit Points 34 Bloodied 17 Healing Surges 8 @ 8
Base AC 12 (15) Fortitude 14 Reflex 14 Willpower 15

Notable Equipment
Leather Armor (AC +3)
+1 Winter Grasp Totem (+1 to-hit/damage, +1d10 Cold damage on Critical Hit, Daily Power: Enemy struck by Primal attack power is Weakened)
+1 Healer's Brooch (+1 Defenses, +1 to any Healing power)

Rituals Known

Level Name
1 Animal Messenger
1 Create Campsite
2 Endure Elements
3 Affect Normal Fire

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