Bryson of Winters

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 180 lbs.

Personal Traits

  • Intelligent and tough, but unwise
  • Materialistic: wants money, power, pleasure
  • Pessimistic, AKA a "realist"
  • Direct, but average charisma means sometimes it comes across as abrasive
  • Natural talent for linguistics, though hasn't studied (no Linguist feat)


He seems to be a pale-skinned, powder blue-eyed man of Skandr lineage. Standing at just over six feet tall, his broad, solid build doesn't look especially muscular. He is draped in a heavy, weather-beaten gray cloak, hood pulled back to reveal his average looks. His angular face sports permanent five o'clock shadow and is framed by dark, straight, bushy hair that seems to have been self-cut to medium-length with a razor blade. Some of a set of matching red leather armor can be seen from under his cloak, and on his back rests an ornate sword with a black hilt.


Bryson is a pale dark-haired man from an outlying village near Nordheim. As a young boy he was taken when his village, Winters, was raided by orcs. He served as a forced laborer into adolesence, developing physically and learning shakuntal. He survived only by a mix of his quick wits, language ability, and endurance.

While in his mid teens, his captors were beseiged by a group of adventurers under contract of the Jarl and he was freed. Upon returning to Nordheim with the adventurers, he learned that nothing was left of Winters. Having no home, Bryson decided to continue on with the adventurers to their home, Xian, under the apprenticeship of the group's dragonborn swordmage.

Though his new master taught him much, his experiences had given Bryson a coarse disposition, and an interest in the material and worldly rather than spiritual. Because of this attitude, after several years of tutelage he was finally cut loose in Xian to do as he pleases.

Character Sheet

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