Big Brother Xiao

The Urchin-King of Xian

Age: 17
Physical: 6'5" of brass and bravado packed into a 5'6" body (Full version of Background Image)

Other Residents of the Cursed Dreams District: Koh
Gang Members / Allies: Nat, Spider
Alts: Kegado, Janos, Guardian Frost


Rogue. Rapscallion. Ragamuffin. Daifu?! Once the self-proclaimed king of the urchans and orphans of Xian's poorest slum, the Cursed Dreams ghetto, Xiao has quietly put together a network of contacts, connections, business interests and gang members that, taken together, form the Blackwing Brood Tong. Under cover of his more legitimate business interests in such respectable establishments as Uncle Feng's Happy Endings Bun Palace, the slumdog prince has even earned the title of Daifu, much to the consternation of the more prim and proper holders of that rank. Still, even they admit that when it comes to street level information, there is no better source than Xiao.

Hooks, Organization, NPCs

The public face of Xiao's holdings is Uncle Feng's Happy Endings Bun Palace, a rather popular establishment in the Cursed Dreams ghetto. While it is best to avoid thinking about the conditions in its kitchen, its selection of steamed buns is shockingly delicious and, well, there are always the happy endings. The establishment is not, perhaps, entirely legitimate.

Behind this face is the Rookery, an ancient and ruined wizard's tower that was built long before the Sun's Repose Quarter became the Cursed Dreams ghetto. One of the taller buildings in the 'Dreams, it is accessible only by rooftop, its street level entrance long ago barred by fallen stone and forgotten safeguards. It is here that the Blackwing Brood make their home, watching events unfold in the 'Dreams from their guarded roost. Rumor has it that there is an old shrine to Inren, of the Nine Immortals, within the Rookery. Certainly, the fact that the priestess, Silent Poppy, has moved there would lend truth to the rumor.

Silent Poppy is Xiao's childhood friend, an educated and quiet priestess with a kind heart and sharp eye. Cobble is Xiao's lieutenant among the Blackwing Brood, a weathered man of mixed (including Goblinoid) blood. Uncle Feng, of course, is the proprietor of his eponymous Bun Palace, and his son Fong is often seen there, as well.


He was once a snub-nosed, flat-browned, common-faced boy enough; and as dirty a juvenile as one would wish to see; but he has grown, since then, into all the airs and manners of a man. He is short of his age with a gambler's grace — all bold gestures and charlatan shifts and a smile as infectious as cholera. Boy-king no longer, he has a rake's smirking confidence, with clever dark eyes and untidy hair to match. He is, altogether, as roystering and swaggering a young gentleman as ever stood five feet six.

He wears the regalia of a prince of the streets, of the shadow nobility of tea-houses and brothels, back-alleys and rooftops. His coat is dun leather, supple and fleece-collared, three quarters length at both sleeve and thigh. He wears a cap, stitched through with eldritch mandalas, perched so precariously that it threatens to fall off every moment — and would if the wearer had not a knack of every now and then giving his head a sudden twitch, which brings it back to its old place again. He oft pins a matchstick, cigarillo or pipe between his teeth.

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