Class: Sorceress Level 5

Sex: Human Female


HP: 44

Str: 10 AC: 18
Con: 12 Fort: 15
Dex: 17 Ref: 17
Int: 10 Will: 20
Wis: 10
Cha: 19

Trained in Arcana, Nature, Endurance, Intimidate, and Bluff.

Armor proficiency/Cloth and Leather
Dual Implement Spellcaster
Implement Expertise (Light blade)
Sorcerous Blade Channeling

----- Class Features and Racial Abilities -----
Storm Sorcerer
Bonus Feat
Bonus Power
+1 to fort, reflex and will defense

Storm Walk
Acid Orb
Lightning Strike
Howling Tempest
Absorb Storm
Thundering Gust
Glacial Armor


While working as a farm girl near Xian, Savannah ended up finding out she had powers when a sudden bolt flew from her fingers and ping-ponged over some invading goblins. She ran and made her home in Xian as a waitress. There, she met a warlord by the name of Houwoun, whom she hired on to 'encourage' the troops near the tide wall in Onchaku Village.

Ironically, the very chaotic power that infused her with power in the first place, also changed on it's own whim. Now, she is a storm sorceress, and one of the more effective ones as well. Not afraid to throw lightning bolts and more into the midst of her allies as well as let the front attackers get surrounded by enemies, only to put them into the vortex of a tornado, she's a lot smarter than she seems. Most of the time, however, she tries to pass herself off as a bubblehead. quite effectively at that.

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