Class: Cleric / multiclass: Feypact Warlock

Party Role: 1) Buffer, 2) Healer, 3) Support Artillery

Sex: Female

Level: 10th


Atmeh is one of the most powerful clerics currently in Xian, though she keeps a low profile in the city, maintaining only a small temple in the Way of Shrines that does not qualify her for Daifu status. If anything, this makes the city's powers-that-be even more nervous about her, since she has a history of preaching against the system of agricultural thralldom that supports Xian's political and military domination of Ektau. She has frequently been arrested and beaten, but so far the authorities have shied away from any stronger measures; after all, what if she is truly - as she claims to be - the chosen of a god.

Zealous in her faith, Atmeh preaches that all nations and races must unite in the face of the Tide's threat, and that all other disagreements should be put aside until the Tide is defeated. She believes that the Tide is a test of the virtue of the peoples of the world, and that failure in the face of that test will lead to gruesome apocalypse. She has sought to prove the strength of her heavenly mandate through daring deeds, and acquired much of her wealth as an adventurer. Her most famous escapade was the Altburg Crusade, a venture into the Tide-riddled High Banner District which most assumed was suicidal; with the aid of powerful companions, however, she returned not only with her entire complement, but also with hundreds of survivors of the north-western horror.



Atmeh Voorten the priestess is a young human woman of about twenty years. She is skinny and long-fingered, giving her a waifish and deceptively vulnerable cast, but her eyes are a startling pale grey colour, luminous lanterns in which opalescent traces of colour swim and play. Her face is framed by gently curling locks of coppery-coloured hair, held back from her eyes by a red handkerchief, and a long bright-red mark stains the skin of her left cheek, like a permanent wound the colour of the Red Mist. For this reason she is often called the Tidemarked in whispers. Standing about five and a half feet in height, she has a fey, eerie beauty, her eyes often slightly lidded with weariness, as if she seldom sleeps. She tends to talk softly but with a sybil's force of vision that causes more to remark her words than might otherwise. An eerie presence hums in the air when she goes by.

The fey girl wears simple but well-made clothes that suggest her moderate wealth, without proclaiming it. Her woven dress combines Xianese and Skandr style, with a built-in hood pooled around her shoulders, a modestly-fitted corset top in deep ruddy colour, a hem embroidered with silver calligraphy, and a cool skirt with striped red and white stockings beneath. On her feet are brown leather boots with blue and silver beadwork, and at her waist a matching belt. Trinkets and charms of green jade and bone adorn her neck. She carries some belongings with her in an embroidered leather satchel, and in one hand she holds a piece of carved driftwood used as a walking stick, with silvery bells and holy symbols tied to the curving head. In her tangled hair and belt she has woven flowers, adding to both her unsettling loveliness and her general air of unkept loneliness.


Image by Marti Dahl (search Deviant Art).


Atmeh's temple, the Temple of the Drowned Star, is located on the Way of Shrines in Xian. The floorplan is available for reference below:



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