Support Components

Support components serve to provide the upkeep services necessary to keep the occupants of a household clean, fed, healthy, and well-armed. Because they abstract a lot of ongoing payments into a single lump fee, they're not generally optional. If you don't have the necessary cooking support for your staff, it doesn't just mean that the cookfire's crowded, it means that you haven't bought food for them all.

Armories provide arms, armor, and stabling for your military servitors, providing them with replacements and repair for any gear or horseflesh that they bring with them. Provided you have the necessary armory support for your military, they don't run out of arrows, run short of healthy horses, lose gear to rust and breakage, or suffer the usual and inevitable attrition of military gear. Without adequate armory support, a military will gradually but inevitably start to degrade. During combat, this degradation will be drastic. Armories do not upgrade a soldier's gear, but can replace and support anything he brings with him- a knight in full plate doesn't require any more armory support than a peasant footman with a spear.

Baths represent not only bathing facilities, but also health care and backup staffing in general. So long as you have full hygiene support for your staff and military, you'll always have full access to all of them- you'll never be in a position where 12 of your 100 horse archers are out sick. It's assumed that adequate support involves having enough unrecorded extra bodies to cover any ordinary sicknesses or indispositions. Without adequate hygiene support, at least a quarter of the uncovered staff or military will be unavailable at any one time, and there are chances of epidemics breaking out in large groups.

Kitchens allow not only cooking and dining space, but also represent the cost of feeding residents. Rather than charge a recurring fee for provender and horse forage, an owner simply buys enough kitchen space to cover his or her staff and military. Failure to do so means that at least some of your staff haven't had any food bought for them, with rapid and unfortunately negative consequences impending.

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