Shop Component

Shop components are simply ordinary rooms fitted out to display the wares available there. They do not bring in income in of themselves, but are useful for representing the small establishments that adventurers often like to set up to while away their downtimes.

Common shop components are generally a room or two with shelving, a counter, and a strongbox for the day's receipts. Average-grade locks are available on the door, and a few locked cabinets are provided for more valuable wares.

Secure shops may be somewhat larger or smaller, but are notable for the DC 30 locks, wall safe, metal cabinetry, and reflective mirrors in their construction. Any sleight of hand attempts to steal take a -10 penalty, and a permanent Alarm spell at caster level 5 goes off if any of the cabinets are opened by someone other than the owner or up to five appointed others. These five can be changed with a day's retuning of the wards.

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